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How To Make Cardio Less Boring

    how to make cardio less boring

    how to make cardio less boring

    Let’s face it, not everyone is as crazy about getting in shape as others, while some like certain aspects of fitness much more than parts.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t wait to hit the weights but when it comes time to do cardio, I’m less enthusiastic.

    With that being said, unless your diet is on point then doing some sort of cardio is usually something you’re gonna be doing to shed some extra pounds off.

    This is why in this article I’ll be talking about some ways to do cardio that should be less boring than the traditional walk on the treadmill for X amount of minutes.

    1) Say Hello To Nature

    how to make cardio less boring

    Trade in the treadmill for the outdoors. A new change of scenery can do wonders for your mindset, this holds true in fitness as well.

    Instead of staring at that number ticking on the treadmill you can focus on better aspects like, “I wonder what I can see from the top of that hill?”

    If you have a hobby like rock collecting, photography or something similar then this can be a double win because you can couple that in with the cardio.

    2) Crank Up The Intensity

    Some of you may find cardio boring because you don’t find it to be much of a challenge.

    Do something like try to beat your previous time or further your distance each time you do your run.

    Another alternative would be doing a home fitness DVD program. These programs tend to really push you so they would be perfect for those who are up for a challenge!

    3) Get The Kids Involved

    Kids have an unnatural amount of energy that we constantly find ourselves wishing we still had. Use this as an extra kick to burn some calories.

    There’s plenty of ways that by letting your kids join in that it can make it not only more fun but add in memories as well.

    Think about taking them on a walk with you, look into those climbing rock walls that have gotten popular, or maybe get active with them in the pool.

    This is only a few options off the top of my head but there are probably thousand more options, just get creative with it.

    4) Turn Your Hobby Into A Calorie Burning Hobby

    how to make cardio less boring

    I don’t mean start doing jumping jacks while trying to play Xbox, which would be impressive in my opinion.

    An example of what I mean by this is, let’s say you go golfing. Instead of getting a golf cart, walk the course instead, this adds in a ton of steps into your day while you play a few rounds.

    5) Listen To An Audiobook

    Getting your mind wrapped up in a good story while you go walking can take your cardio session from, “omg how much longer” to a, “I’ll just go a little bit longer to see what happens next”.

    This doesn’t have to be specifically an audiobook, you can download podcasts you’re into as well.

    6) Run Around With Your Dog

    This is a win/win for your cardio and for making your best friend happy he gets to play with you.

    Take him/her to the dog park or out in your yard if there is plenty of room and just run around with him.

    Don’t even focus on running a certain distance or running at all for that matter, just wrestle around with him play fetch and try to beat him to the stick/ball.

    You’ll be surprised how many calories you’ll burn doing this.

    7) Make A Competition Out Of It

    how to make cardio less boring

    Alright, so this one may not make the cardio any more enjoyable to do but it sure might give you a boost in the motivation department.

    Make a wager with someone that you know who is also trying to drop some weight and put something on the line for whoever wins. It could be money, do their yard work or anything that you can think of.

    8) Get A Buddy To Join You

    Not only can getting a friend to join you help with the fun aspect side of doing cardio, it can also be a good boost for motivation and accountability.

    By that I mean if you know someone is expecting you to be there to do cardio with them then it makes it much more difficult for you skip your cardio sessions.

    The motivation side of that is where you partner can help push you on days when you’re not feeling it and vice versa for them.


    Doing cardio is not something most people enjoy doing and even with the different ways we can make it more bearable in today’s time, there will always be those who will make any excuse under the sun so they don’t do it.

    In the end, it comes down to how bad do you want it, just like pretty much everything else in life.

    Cardio plays a huge factor in much more than just how we look for beach season but also can be a big factor in your overall health so take that into consideration when it comes excuse making time.

    I hope these tips helped some of you find a few twists to add to how you do cardio.

    Sterling is a writer, fitness junkie and loves all things technology. Sterling is the owner of or over on his Tumblr, which is where you can get in touch with him if you have any questions/comments.