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How to Make Water Taste Better: 10 Key Tips 

    Can you name one food or drink that you consider tasteless?  Well, it is pure water. It’s also colorless and does not give out any aroma. Anything that you can taste has to be sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or savory. 

    It’s no wonder that many people find it hard to drink enough water.  They just find it uninteresting and hate the taste (well, the lack of taste).  

    Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make water taste better. Each method entails adding substances that elicit the gustatory sensation. 


    • Infusing your water with fresh fruits


    Have you ever added limes or lemons to your water? Did you know that you can get creative by adding other fruits to make water taste better? 

    Well, you may prepare pineapple chunks and dunk them in your jar of water along with ice cubes. Pineapple water has been found to enhance digestion. It’s great when detoxing and even brings benefits to your immune system. 

    Many people also love cucumber water.  For a tarty flavor, they also had lemon slices. 

    And the best thing about making fruit infused water is that it is quite simple. You can prepare your fruit slices, add them to the water, and leave the mixture to cool in your fridge for a few hours.

    There is zero waste! You can also eat the fruit slices after drinking water.



    • Mix water with fruit juices



    Are you a big fan of vegetable and fruit juices? Well, fruits have a high concentration of water. For instance, watermelons are 92% water no wonder they keep you hydrated during hot days. 

    You may also consider mixing water with concentrated fruit juices to reduce the number of calories. Consider using fruit juices such as mango, orange, grape, cranberry,  apple, and more. 

    You may feel that the taste is a bit diluted. But this strategy can help you overcome the momentous task of drinking many liters of plain water.



    •  Carbon dioxide infused water  



    The result of infusing water with carbon dioxide is that the pH falls to 3 to 4  making it slightly acidic. Orange and apple juices have approximately the same pH so this is nothing to worry about. 

    You will enjoy a tart flavor when drinking carbonated water. It’s also a bit exciting because it’s bubbling. 

    This may even help you win over your kids to the habit of water drinking. 

    Carbonated water may be further flavored through the addition of minerals to make club soda. 

    You can also infuse seltzer water with natural fruits. 


    • Coconut Water


    It’s one of the hottest crazes in the fitness world. We get coconut water from immature or green coconuts. 

    The number one benefit of coconut water is that it’s not just plain. It’s low in calories and has a balanced concentration of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. For instance, it has been cited as a good source of potassium. 

    Coconut water brands have since taken over the shelves of many local grocery and health stores. You just have to pop in and have a look. 

    Alternatively, you can source green coconuts and have fun extracting the coconut water.


    • Honey Water


    Honey has since won its long-standing battle over sugar. Though high in calories, it’s a healthier alternative with innumerable health benefits. 

    You will benefit from the antioxidants in honey That have been found to decrease the risk of heart attacks. Studies have also shown that honey decreases cholesterol levels. 

    Honey water has also been a traditional remedy for suppressing coughs in children. 

    If you were looking for a solution for how to make water taste good without using sugar,  just purchase a jar of high-quality honey and add a scoopful to your next drink. 


    • Water softening – Install a water softener


    Does your drinking water from your incoming supply taste bad?  

    The likely culprit could be the mineral composition. Tap drinking water has minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. 


     During the municipal water treatment process,  chlorine is added to kill bacterias. Although this water is safe to drink you may notice the smell of chlorine. 

    One of the ways to combat the water hardness and make it softer is by installing a water softener. Check this post out to find out about the installation and sizing of a water softener. 


    • Adding flavor cartridges 


    How to make water taste better with zero calories or fruits: Just add store-bought water flavors. Many brands have emerged that offer all-natural flavors with no artificial colors and sugar. 

    You can purchase flavor cartridges for use in specialized water bottles. Some compositions include trace minerals that have been naturally sourced.

    So if you want zero-grams of sugar and zero-calories, this may be an option to consider. 


    • Herb infused water


    Herbs are simply leafy green plants like mint leaves. Not only are they used in garnishing food, but they also have medicinal properties and the most refreshing fragrances. 

    You can even grow your own herbs in your back garden or in flower pots. 

    Some of the top herbs to infuse in water include lavender, mint, and rosemary.  What’s more, you can add spices to your water such as ginger, fresh, or in powder form. 



    •  Skip black tea, go green


    The medicinal and health benefits of green tea have been studied for many centuries.  Green tea is a healthier alternative to black tea made from leaves that have undergone the oxidation process. 

    And it’s so easy to get your hands on green tea and prepare it.  You will just need to boil water and place tablespoons of green tea into a mug with an infuser or without one.

    You can also use tea bags to prepare your infusion. 


    The final word on How to Make Water Taste Better

    Making your water taste better is highly recommended by nutritionists so as to increase your water input. You also avoid sugary drinks such as soda. 

    Some of these strategies can help improve the water intake of your children.

    Don’t struggle to stay hydrated anymore!