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How to Manage a Rotator Cuff Injury

    Our shoulders literally bear the weight of all our daily living activities. A painful shoulder can make it hard to achieve your goals in life. Shoulder pain is a common reason for seeking medical attention among millions of people. While some of these cases receive healing when treated using physical therapy and rest, you may require orthopedic surgery in Brooklyn, NY, services for a rotator cuff injury.

    How Rotator Cuff Injuries Happen

    Your shoulder joint is covered by a group of muscles and tendons (rotator cuff). When a section of these muscles become torn, either in part or entirely, this results in a rotator cuff injury. Repetitive motion is the leading cause of rotator cuff injury. If you are an athlete or play baseball, you are more likely to suffer from this type of injury. Aging is also a contributing factor to rotator cuff injuries due to wear and tear, with people over 40 being most affected. 

    Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Injury

    •       Restricted range of motion and Weakness: Your affected shoulder will feel weak after a rotator cuff injury, making it hard for your arm to move in various positions. Rotator cuff muscles and tendons play a vital role in ensuring the mobility of your arm. Rotator cuff injury may make it hard for you to perform seemingly easy tasks such as lifting things that are lightweight using your affected arm. 
    •       Immediate pain: You can experience acute pain on your shoulder if your rotator cuff suffers an injury. You can know the exact location of an injury due to the sharp pain. Falls and heavy lifting are the major causes of acute rotator cuff pain.
    •       Pain while lying down: You will experience pain when lying down if your rotator cuff has been injured due to repetitive motion or due to an injury. This pain can make it hard for you to sleep at night.
    •       Dull pain: Your shoulder can also experience a dull pain if your rotator cuff is injured due to performing repetitive tasks.


    How to Tell If a Rotator Cuff Tear Requires Surgery?

    Some rotator cuff injuries may heal without requiring surgery. Your doctor may recommend conservative treatment plans if your injury is not severe. Simple measures such as rest and placing a pack of ice on your shoulder while at home may help in pain management while physical therapy helps strengthen injured tendons for an enhanced range of motion. Anti-inflammatory and cortisone injections may also be used to relieve discomfort in your injured shoulder.

    If you have suffered a severe injury or when conservative approaches to treatment fail, your doctor will use surgery to resolve the problem. A rotator cuff injury can cause weakness and pain on the shoulder, and surgery may be the best option to address a tear.

    If you have a painful shoulder, visiting a doctor on time can make a lot of difference in your healing process. Visit Brooklyn Medical Services of NY PLLC, today for holistic examination and treatment of rotator cuff problems.