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How to Maximize the Health Benefits of Swimming

    There are many different benefits associated with swimming. It’s recommended by experts that you get 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week. If not, then they recommend 150 minutes to 2 hours of moderate activity a week.


    Many people don’t realize that swimming burns as much energy and calories as running does. It is a great exercise that has many benefits. It does not put any pressure or weight on the body. Running and other exercises comparable to it puts a lot of pressure on your joints and bones.


    Water can constantly fill the ears and nose, however. It is important to always protect yourself. When this happens and causes an infection Ciprodex is an antibiotic drop often given to patients. You can find a Ciprodex coupon card to help with the cost of the medication. 

    In the United States alone swimming is a popular sport. It’s considered number four in the list of most popular sports in the country. As stated before, there are many benefits to swimming and many ways to maximize the health benefits. 

    Swimming Exercises Every Part of Your Body 

    Swimming is not something that works only a part of your body. When you swim you use many different parts of your body. The body can maximize the benefits with different strokes as well. By changing patterns it helps to work all your muscles. You can kick your feet and tone muscles in your legs as well as stretch with your arms out in front of you. The different strokes include the sidestroke, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly. Different strokes work different body parts and help to tone and stretch every part as well. 

    Swimming Helps Multiple Organs Within the Body as Well 

    Now that we have pointed out how swimming helps your muscles and how to maximize this, let’s point out some other benefits. Swimming helps organs within your body as well. One organ that it helps is your heart.


    Swimming increases your heart rate but doesn’t put any strain on your body. The way to maximize this is to stay moving within the water. Another organ that benefits from swimming is your lungs.


    To maximize how swimming benefits your lungs you should practice many different breathing techniques. Due to the benefit of swimming and how it helps the organs inside your body, it has been linked to lowering blood pressure as well. 

    Swimming is Beneficial to Many Ailments and Diseases 

    Swimming has been linked with improvements in many different diseases. Some diseases include arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, mobility impairments, obesity, and injuries. Swimming helps to maximize the decrease in symptoms associated with these diseases.


    Arthritis is a disease that affects the bones and joints. This makes it hard for those who suffer from arthritis to do a lot of running. Swimming is a great alternative. Those with arthritis maximize the benefits by stretching in and out of the water. Those who suffer from injury have a lot of pain and soreness. This is because of the lack of range of motion.


    Swimming benefits maximize with a physical therapy routine in the water. This gives those with injuries the ability to gain range of motion with less strain and pain. This is another reason why swimming is helpful to those suffering from multiple sclerosis. It helps with many symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. This includes pain, depression, and fatigue. Those who suffer from asthma benefit with swimming as well. The heat that’s expelled from pools helps to expand your lung capacity. Also, techniques such as breathing and holding your breath for swimming helps the lungs to learn to expand more. This helps with the ability to breathe out of the water as well. 

    Swimming is the Best Way to Lose Weight 

    When you are overweight you have added pounds that weigh down on your joints. Just as swimming helps with arthritis and other diseases and problems, it helps to lose weight as well. This will give people an easier way to lose weight that isn’t so hard on their body. A way to maximize the swimming benefits for weight loss is to construct a routine and stick to it. This can be swimming laps in the pool and water aerobics. It will give people a great workout that will make them feel and look better. 

    Swimming can benefit many different people. It is important to know how to maximize these benefits. Keeping a routine going is a great way of making sure you receive all the benefits from swimming. Swimming is also linked to happier moods, decreasing stress and increasing sleeping patterns.


    Author Bio: Mark Alvarado is a freelance writer and digital nomad.