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How to Metabolize Marijuana Faster

    Worried about passing that drug test? You’ll likely take to the Internet to find a simple and reliable solution for passing. Unfortunately, though, trustworthy articles such as the one you’re currently reading are drowned in an ocean of forums and pieces that contain very contradicting information.

    Today, we’ll be helping clear the air on topics like beating drug tests and the different ways for your system to break down cannabis faster. Armed with this info, you can flush weed and its by-products from your system faster and have a better chance of passing your drug screen exam.

    What Is Metabolization?

    Metabolization concerns the breaking down of the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in weed. THC is the active ingredient in weed responsible for making the user feel “high.”

    THC that enters the body goes directly into the bloodstream. Some of it is stored temporarily in fatty tissues and organs, while other parts end up in the kidneys where they can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

    The liver is where THC is broken down or metabolized. This process results in 80 metabolites, of which the most significant are THC COOH and 11-OH-THC. These are the metabolites that drug testing aims to detect. They remain in your system longer than THC but are eventually excreted in the form of urine and stool. 

    Understanding Drug Testing

    The most common types of drug tests are urine tests, hair tests, and blood tests. Among these, urine tests are most used by employers because they are the simplest to conduct, least expensive, and relatively accurate. They test for the THCCOOH metabolite stored in the body’s fatty tissues.

    Though less common, hair follicle tests and blood tests are still being used by some employers. That’s because they are more difficult to cheat and may deliver more accurate results.

    How to Flush Weed Out of Your System Faster

    If you’re about to undergo a drug test for work or other reasons, check out these simple techniques that increase your chances of churning out a negative.

    1. Dilution

    How long does THC stay in your urine? Not nearly as long when you dilute your urine to below the threshold of THC COOH, which is 50 ng/ml.

    Dilution is among the most popular techniques for beating urine drug tests since it is meant to take place a day before the screening. It also leads to much faster results, which is what most people want.

    Diluting your urine means drinking lots of water. It is recommended that you consume two to three liters the day before the test and one to two liters on the day. This should reduce the THC COOH levels in your urine to below 50 ng/ml.

    2. Detoxification

    Another popular method for conquering urinalysis tests is to detoxify. You can do this naturally, without the use of shakes or pills. Cleansing your body of toxins requires a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, and drug and alcohol avoidance.

    However, should you decide that natural home detoxification isn’t for you, you may want to consider some reliable detox products. These products facilitate the flushing of toxins from your system in as little as three days.

    If that also isn’t a viable option, you might want to go for a same-day cleanser. Designed to temporarily flush metabolites from your urinary tract, these products may be able to give you a clean urine sample on the day of your test.

    3. Shampoos

    Hair follicle tests are the hardest to beat. They’re both accurate and thorough and are usually done to check for long-term use. Conquering the hair follicle test means not leaving a trace of hair on your body. However, shaving all your hair clearly isn’t a viable option since it would stir up suspicion.

    Thus, if you’re about to undergo a hair follicle test, you might want to consider using shampoos specially designed to produce a negative result. While there’s a chance they might not work, they might still be worth the try.

    4. Home Drug Test Kits

    Taking a few test samples at home might just help you beat that upcoming urine drug test. Home drug test kits can help you test the readings of both the dilution and detox methods. Of course, if you’re expecting them to come with some kind of supplement to alter your urine sample, you’re going to be disappointed.

    Home drug tests should only be considered by those who have planned drug tests. They aren’t usually viable for people facing random tests within short time periods.

    Breaking Down (Metabolizing) Marijuana Faster

    Those were the four methods that can hasten the flushing out of weed and its by-products from your system. Keep in mind that these aren’t foolproof techniques and usually have varying success rates depending on the type of test used and the circumstances surrounding your drug usage. The only surefire way to pass a drug test is to avoid taking marijuana altogether.