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How to Overcome a Stammer

    We’re incredibly blessed to be living in an era that’s been touched by so many powerful and encouraging innovations in the health and wellness scene. On top of that, the realm of speech therapy has never been more innovative and effective. Maybe you’re someone who has had your battles with a stammer that just won’t leave you alone. Or, perhaps you know someone else in your life that has had regular bouts with stuttering. 

    Stuttering affects as many as 3 million adults and children in the United States. Stuttering is a communication disorder that can impact one’s communication skills on a very frustrating level. Stuttering will often result in a person repeating themselves, interrupting, or unnecessarily prolonging syllables and words when trying to get their point across. Naturally, this can take a toll on mental health very quickly. However, it doesn’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of highly effective and easily adoptable ways that you or anyone you know can overcome a stammer.

    Slow everything down.

    One of the most common ways that a stutter manifests is when you’re trying to express all the thoughts floating around in your mind as quickly as possible. So a powerful and straightforward way to immediately start trying to reduce your stutter is to slow your thought process down by taking a few deep breaths.

    Try out speech therapy.

    Now and again, technology pulls through in unimaginably clutch ways. In this case, we’re talking about virtual speech therapy. This company offers you the opportunity to set your kid up with a very affordable monthly subscription to an online arcade of speech-enabled games that work especially great if your child is already seeing a speech therapist. You can also opt for the other package, which features monthly teletherapy sessions with a virtual speech therapist for your kid. It’s all about figuring out what will work best for what you need. 

    Practice a mindfulness meditation.

    Meditation is praised near and far for its powerful ability to help introduce deeper levels of balance into people’s lives. On top of that, meditation has shown other health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, sharpening your focus, and even improving your memory. A huge part of the mindfulness meditation practice is to consciously watch your thoughts and bodily sensations as they roll in across the field of your awareness. If you’re looking for a great professional resource for mindfulness training, look no further than Julie Ann Otis spiritual healer. Julie Ann Otis goes so far as to offer a free half-hour consultation. The best possible thing for you is to keep an open mind during your exploratory process of trying to eliminate the stutter from your life. Julie Ann Otis could be a great guide to accomplish that. 

    Record yourself.

    Of course, recording isn’t for everyone. If the process of recording yourself to determine which words, in particular, seem to ignite your stutter brings you anxiety, then head back to the drawing board. However, recording yourself can be a great way to make out which words are your trouble words. From there, you’ll be able to devise a strategy/training regimen to work on those words. 

    With that, we’ve covered a quick and easily adoptable list of ways that you or someone you care about can overcome a stutter. The most important thing of all to remember is that you’ve already taken a step in the right direction just by working through this list. Just remember to practice patience during this process. You have all the pieces necessary to overcome that stutter. Now it’s just about putting these different strategies into practice.