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How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    If you are tired of shaving and waxing and want to either permanently reduce or completely remove body hair for good, then laser hair removal treatment is an ideal choice. Laser hair removal can be conducted in several sessions, and over time, hair regrowth in the treated areas is either seriously reduced or completely eliminated. If you’ve decided you want to try laser hair removal, here’s everything you need to know to prepare. 

    Make Sure It’s Right for You

    Sadly, laser hair removal is not effective for everybody. If you have very light hair, then it might not be effective. It is also less effective on darker skin tones. The best combination for laser hair removal is light skin and dark hair. However, if this isn’t you, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the treatment. The best thing to do is to get a consultation with professionals at a laser care clinic Holywood to check your suitability and put a plan for treatment in place. 

    Find the Right Clinic

    It’s important to spend some time researching your options when it comes to clinics and practitioners. Pay a visit, read online reviews, and do your research to ensure that you are going to have an experience that is both effective and safe. If you can, get recommendations from people that you trust. Don’t be afraid to ask about qualifications and experience to help you ensure that this is the right practitioner or clinic for you. 

    Don’t Remove Hair Beforehand

    Once you have decided to go for laser treatment, determined whether it is right for you, and booked your appointment, it’s time to start avoiding hair removal mistakes. Don’t wax, pluck, or use any other hair removal method on the areas that are going to be treated for around two to four weeks before your session. While it can be difficult to let the hair grow naturally in areas where you might normally remove it, doing so will make the laser ineffective. You will need to shave beforehand, as this leaves the follicles intact and they will need to be visible for the session. 

    What Else to Avoid

    There are a few other things that you should avoid before you go for laser hair removal treatment in order to ensure that it is as effective as possible. Tanning is one thing that should definitely be avoided as your skin being a darker tone could make the laser ineffective. This includes naturally tanning, using sunbeds, or using spray tans and tanning lotions for at least two weeks beforehand. Along with this, for a few days before your session, it’s a good idea to avoid using creams, lotions, deodorants, and other cosmetics on the area to be treated – instead, keep it clean with a gentle soap and water. This will ensure that the area is free from chemicals during the treatment. 

    If you’re tired of constant hair removal and want a permanent solution, laser hair removal could be an ideal choice for you. But before you go for laser treatment, it’s important to be well-prepared.