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How To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction? 4 Effective Ways!

    One thing that we can take for a fact is that nearly every individual walking the planet and having a partner desires for a good relationship, on and off the bed.


    And while everything outside the bedroom and off the bed can be handled with the right words and actions throughout life, the scenarios inside the bedroom often need modern solutions.


    Yes, we are talking about erectile dysfunction (surely you guessed it from the title).


    So, what to do about this big (or maybe small) issue? Well, there are a few effective ways to prevent and improve this condition. And in this post, we are talking about four of them.


    1. Give Up On The Smoke

    Yes, certainly it’s easier said than done as almost all smokers are always on the verge of quitting. But that’s okay. Even the intention is enough to drive you in the right direction.


    So, educate yourself. Smoking is adversely linked to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. And as they affect the heart, the pump of blood, and nervous system, they surely cast a big-bad impact on sexual sensations and how the brain reacts to them.


    Understand the effect and start working towards quitting smoking. It’s anyway dangerous for your overall health.


    2. Go For a Surgery

    In all worlds, surgery for your penile health is an effective solution. So, if you have started losing confidence and you don’t want to refrain from sexual relationships, it may be time for you to go for surgery for your erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement.


    You can get in touch with a trusted practitioner to learn more about the process and the penis enlargement surgery cost or removal of erectile dysfunction cost.


    Just feel free and approach the right doctor, and yes, this situation will get better.


    3. THC Also Has To Go

    While some people would have understood from the first pointer itself, it was crucial to make an explicit mention about the ill-effects that THC can have on the nervous system.


    Yes, when consumed in prescribed quantities, cannabis is of medicinal value. But ask yourself or maybe your friends. How many smokers do you know roll CBD for its medicinal value?


    It’s a scientific fact that CBD affects the nervous system. When the quantities are controlled, the effects help cure disorders like PTSD. However, when the quantities skyrocket, they may slow down or diminish your physical and mental sensitivity to a level where a condition like ED may crop up.


    4. Step-Up Your Diet Game

    Ever heard the age-old saying “you are what you eat”?


    Well, with no surprise, it has always been true and still continues to be so. So, what does this mean and how’s it relevant here?


    It means that if you eat unhealthy food, you’ll be unhealthy and remain unhealthy until you give up on your junk diet and move on to a cleaner, better diet.


    Lesson to take – improve your diet today.


    The cleaner and greener food you eat, more will be the chances of your nerves getting clean so the right amount of blood can flow through them and reach all the right organs at the right time.


    Some of the best food items that you should avoid consuming are:


    • Those high in fat (especially saturated fat)
    • Alcohol
    • Sugar
    • Fried food items


    Now let’s look at what you should add to your diet.


    • Fiber rich food items
    • Natural testosterone boosters like onions, egg yolks (don’t overdo. They are also rich in cholesterol) and peanuts
    • Dates
    • Green leafy vegetables and other foods that regulate blood pressure


    Apart from this, a workout routine will also help you. So, whether you prefer yoga or working out at the gym, make sure you do some physical activity to keep your reproductive and overall health safe.