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How to Properly Store Kratom – Best Practices

    If you’re one of the thousands of people who use kratom as a regular part of your weekly health routine, then you might find it more practical to buy larger amounts of product at a time. Not only should this help you save on your purchase, but it should make kratom available and within reach any time you need it.

    But while it might seem like a smart idea to buy kratom in bulk, there’s always the issue of storage. What many don’t know is that improper storage techniques can actually dampen the product’s quality, making it ineffective when it’s finally used. With that, it’s worth asking – are you storing your kratom properly?


    Should You Buy Bulk Kratom?

    Looking through all of those online deals can make it tempting to buy kratom in bulk. Big price cuts and lots of freebies can further sweeten the pot, making it look like a real bargain especially if you know you’re going to be using kratom for a while.

    But before you make your purchase, it helps to ask a few questions:


    • How much kratom do you use in a month? – According to experts, kratom will start to lose its potency and chemical integrity after about three months from being harvested. Over time, various conditions can alter their chemistry and cause the product to lose its effects. So if you feel that you might take more than two months to finish up a stash, it might be better to steer clear of the bulk deals for now.
    • Do you rotate veins? – One of the most effective methods for maintaining your tolerance level would be to rotate different kratom veins. If you do this, then that means buying a bulk of one specific vein could cause you to have to take the same variety over a length of time.
    • Do you have the storage area for bulk kratom? – Kratom can be particularly sensitive to various factors when in storage. And what most buyers don’t know is that many storage compartments in homes and apartments aren’t ideal for long term kratom keeping.

    Proper Kratom Storage

    If you noticed that your kratom loses its potency and benefits after several uses, then the issue might not be in your dosage or tolerance, but with the way that you store your product. Consider these best practices for proper kratom storage:


    Use Airtight Containers

    Contaminants penetrating containers is one of the most common reasons for kratom losing potency over time. Even screw lids and plastic jars might not be ideal for long term storage because they can let air and particles into the vessel. The best choice is still mason jars or pickling jars with a rubber lip and metal hardware that creates an airtight seal.


    Avoid Moist and Humid Conditions

    Storing your kratom in an area where conditions are always dry should help retain its chemical integrity. It doesn’t really matter how tight the seal on your jar is – there’s no point in risking even the slightest amount of moisture penetrating your container. Storage areas that are sometimes hot and then sometimes cold can make your containers prone to condensate which can form inside the jars and moisten your powder.


    Keep Kratom in Dark Areas

    Direct exposure to sunlight can cause the components of your kratom to break down over time. That’s also why most experts recommend keeping your kratom product contained in darker jars, like beer bottles that are tinted a deep brown or green color. This can help prevent the penetration of UV light and thus minimize the damage on the product inside.


    Choose Storage Spaces with Consistent Temperature

    The top of your fridge might seem like a great place to keep a jar of kratom, but fluctuations in temperature can affect the chemical composition of the product and change the way it interacts with your system. Avoid placing your containers where they might be subject to intense heat or cold and opt for a storage space with stable temperature.


    Tips for Extending Your Kratom’s Shelf-Life

    Aside from proper storage, there are other things you can do to help improve your product’s shelf life. Doing so might make it possible for you to enjoy discounts on bulk deals more often without having to up your usage just to consume everything before it goes to waste.


    Buy Quality Kratom

    Whether you’re buying kratom capsules or Maeng Da kratom powder, it helps to buy your product from a reputable source. The better the quality of the product and the fewer the ingredients added into the mix, the longer it should last. Read through quality guarantees and make sure to transact only with trusted vendors to ensure the caliber of your kratom product.


    Use a Clean Serving Spoon

    When you do take out your kratom from storage, make sure you’re using a clean serving spoon to retrieve just the amount of product you need. In the same way, if any product is left unused after you take it out, don’t return it into the jar. This exposes your stash to contaminants and may introduce bacteria or microbes that might speed up the degradation process.


    Consider Using a Vacuum Seal

    The less air is in your container, the less contamination you can expect. Vacuum sealed food bags can be a good choice for keeping kratom for much longer than its expected shelf life. Just make sure you keep the vacuum sealed bags in a clean, sealed container as well to prevent any puncturing and ripping that might compromise the integrity of the seal.


    Opt for Capsules

    You’ll notice that the shelf life for kratom capsules is typically longer than that for powders. That’s because the added shell prevents contamination. Whenever possible, opt to purchase kratom capsules instead of the raw, bare powder, but don’t forget to follow proper storage techniques nonetheless.


    Extending the Life of Kratom

    Although you might be able to save a pretty penny on bulk kratom deals from vendors like, there’s still the possibility of losses when you don’t practice the right storage techniques. Kratom can be pretty sensitive to a range of factors, making it tough to keep in large amounts especially if you’re not sure how to do it. Fortunately, these easy tips should help clear the smoke and make you feel more confident in your ability to keep kratom fresh for longer.