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How To Recognise The Signs Of Men In Love

    Love, oh how beautiful it is! True and mutual love fills your heart with happiness and takes you to cloud nine. But it’s not always clear if it really is mutual, especially if your crush is not very good at expressing his feelings directly with words. For some, love confession comes very difficult, due to their shy nature or painful previous experiences. However, their actions can reveal it all better than words. So, for you to distinguish what he truly feels like, here are 9 signs of men in love:

    9 Clear-cut signs of men in love


    • He thinks that you look beautiful, no matter what


    Men in love are basically blinded by it and see only you. Moreover, no one can measure up to your beauty. No matter if you forgo make-up altogether and roam around him freely with a fresh face, put up your hair in a messy bun, or lounge around in your baggy stretched out pajamas, if a guy is crazy about you, seeing you comfortable and laid-back in his company takes his breath away even more.


    • He smiles and laughs more


    It is a wide-known fact, that if a woman laughs at man’s jokes, even if they are not especially funny, it means that she is interested in him. The same goes for men in love. The more you both laugh – the stronger your bond is.


    • He makes an eye-contact


    Eyes really can express a lot. A study shows that when a person has romantic feelings towards the other person, they tend to look them in the eyes. And keep on the lookout for those dilated pupils – they are a dead giveaway.


    • He always pays heed to your opinion and whims


    Doing something for other people gratuitously from time to time is considered a kindness, however, if a man strives to comply with your every wish, then you can rest assured that he has feelings for you. 


    • He opens up to you about his deep feelings


    No one likes to share something too personal with someone they don’t feel close to or comfortable with. If a guy shares his vulnerabilities, deepest fears, traumatic experiences, great dreams or secret desires, it means that he trusts you and wants to reveal that inner part of his soul to you.


    • He accepts your weird sides and finds them adorable


    Some things make even your parents or friends say that you are odd. If at your weirdest he is still by your side and finds you even more charming, that’s a clear sign that he is in love with you.


    • He introduces you to the people who are important to him


    Inviting you to meet his friends or family is also a clear-cut sign that a man likes you. In such a way he wants to know what they think of you and what you think of them, making you one of those special people in his life, and “showing you off” to them.


    • He spends time with you and relishes it


    Everyone likes to carve out more time for their hobbies or favorite people. If you like dancing, then you do it, whenever you have a free minute; if you like hanging out with your friends, then you meet up after school or work; if a man likes you, he he goes out of this way to be with you despite his jam-packed schedule or any other circumstances that could keep him away from you.


    • He wants to protect you


    Carrying your bag, giving you a drive or a walk home, to make sure that you get there safely, supporting you when you feel down – all those things express his caring feelings and attraction. 


    Everyone communicates their feelings in a unique way. Some opt for big romantic gestures and others just keep you company and accept all of your emotional baggage, insecurities or eccentricity. Of course, these are the most cliché ways of showing how one feels about the other, however, it doesn’t make them less sincere and true. Above-listed signs of men in love are not as direct as the love poem, that is why discovering them, and their sub context may have a final say in the development of your relationship. And for men in love: don’t hide your feelings, even if it is all or nothing. Making romantic overtures and chasing after love might just be one of the best things you’ve ever done in your life.