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How to reduce back pain after a tough workout? 

    Back pain is becoming an issue for more after the workout. Suffering from back pain not only makes working out again difficult and reduces motivation, it also causes problems with recovery. Either it is a weight lifting workout session or martial art sparring everyone can suffer from back pain. The issue is not dealing with it on time. Before we get into how you can get rid of your back pain, you can check out workout clothes and martial art gear and apparel by clicking the link. Done shopping, now let’s get into the causes, prevention, and treatment of back pain.


    Causes Of Back Pain

    The causes of back pain include the following. Hours of sitting throughout the day, either on the work desk, couch, car, or to eat. Weak muscles because of overtraining, bad posture, wrong workout, lifting heavy weights. Oxygen deficiency during workout, pinched nerve, injuries, ruptured disks, stiff or irritated joints, arthritis, obesity, and stress. Other than that tight body and muscles like hamstrings and gluteus muscles can also cause back tightness. 


    Prevent The Back Pain

    If you have sore back muscles after working out this does not count as back pain. Especially if the exercises you did target back muscles. Similarly, after a core workout you can have a stiff or sore back. These are normal, unless the stiffness or pain does not go away in a day or two. 


    To prevent back pain is to perform warm-up before and cool-down after each workout session. Start slow and with light weights and gradually increase the pace and weights. Do not try to lift heavier weights than you can. Make sure you are using proper equipment, form, and angles while working out. Another important factor is wearing the right clothes, which often people forget. Wear proper and comfortable running shoes, avoid concrete, rugged, and uneven surfaces when running.


    Regular, sudden, or pains which do  not improve can be a sign of serious injury or health condition. In any such case you should not workout and consult a doctor immediately. 


    Back Pain After Working Out

    You can get relief from back pain by doing different backward stretches. These stretches can either be a part of your cool-down routine or you can do them afterwards.


    Stand straight with hands on the lower back. Now bend backward keeping your legs straight and come back up to a straight standing position. Don’t stretch too far back so that it causes pain. Windshield wipers, knees to chest, reclining single-leg stretch, pelvis tilts, cat pose, corpse pose, and leg up the wall are the stretches you can also do to get through the back pain. 


    Other Treatment Options

    Other treatment options can also help cure and get rid of the back pain, these methods are as follows. Applying heat or ice for up to 20 minutes to the painful area. But don’t apply directly. Ice is a better solution to this kind of pain than heat. Some health professionals suggest applying heat after 48 hours if you feel like it, elsewise you can keep on with the ice therapy. Getting a back massage either by a professional, your partner, or yourself with a back roller massager also helps. 


    If the pain persists, take a few days off and rest properly during that time. Take over the counter pain relievers if it is bad. Maintain a good posture throughout the day whether you are sitting, standing or sleeping. Sleep on your side posed like a fetus. If back pain happens every now and then, you should work to strengthen your back. Ignoring back and working on other muscles can also be a reason.


    Of course, if the pain is bad and keeps on disturbing, you should immediately consult a doctor and proper medical help. A few sessions with a medical therapist are also recommended.