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How to Select the Best Eye Glasses for Your Face

    Glasses have become more than an accessory now, as they can both enhance or ruin your look. The best way to use it to your benefit is by selecting the correct frame according to your face structure. Irrespective of your face shape, there is a perfect pair of glasses for you!

    All you need to do is book an appointment with Hunter Vision, and their team of specialists will provide you with plenty of designer options that align with your face and add a flair to your already dazzling personality. Here are some effective ways to identify your face structure and other vital elements to further choose the correct pair of frames for you.

    Color Coordination

    Another element you should focus on is your skin, hair, and eye color, as that dramatically enhances your appearance.

    Skin Tone

    Here, we are not talking about your skin color but the undertone. Your skin tone is divided into two parts, cool and warm. Suppose you have cool undertones, then you will have hints of pink and blue under your skin. However, if you have a warm undertone, you will have a hint of yellowish color underneath. 

    Apart from these tones, another one is a combination of both skin tones known as olive or neutral.

    Now, you need to classify your skin, hair, and eye colors in warm, cool, or neutral undertones and choose the color of your frame accordingly. So if you have a warm undertone, you can choose any frame representing a warm color, and if you have a cool undertone, select any frame representing a cool color.

    Face Shape

    Take a mirror and observe your face correctly. Is your face proportional with a narrow chin and forehead along with round cheeks, or does it have equal length and width, making it an oval and round face? You have a triangular face if you have a broad forehead, angular cheeks, and a pointy chin. Moreover, you have a diamond face shape if you have a narrow jaw and forehead with high cheekbones. 

    Suppose you have a proportionate face with a sharp jawline and broad forehead, then you have a square-shaped face. Suppose your cheeks are longer than the width of your forehead, then you have an oblong face. Lastly, you have a famous heart-shaped face with a broad forehead, pointy chin, and round cheeks.

    Let us check out what frame will suit you the most:

    • Oval- This face shape is known as the ideal face shape as any frame suits it.
    • Round- Rectangular, Square, and Aviator frames.
    • Triangular- Round, Cateye, Wayfare, Square, and Aviator frames.
    • Square- Round, Cateye, Wayfare, Aviators, Browline, and Oval frames.
    • Heart- Cateye, Rectangular, Wayfare, Browline, and Oval shapes.
    • Oblong- Cateye, Oval, Square, and Aviator frames.
    • Diamond- Oval, Rectangular, and Cateye shapes.