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How To Select The Right Dentist For Your Family


Just like any other doctor, a dentist is a long-term part of any family’s healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, life circumstances dictate having to leave a familiar dentist and choose another one. In those cases there are some safe and easy ways to find a family dentist in Colorado that is right for you:


Family and Friends


There is no one that you could rely upon other than a family member. Since family can sometimes be scattered all over, develop a list of the dentists that they use and get feedback from them in regards to how long they have been with that dentist, who uses the dentist, if they visit the dentist regularly, and how they have been treated overall by the dental office staff when they have been there.


Current Dentist


Because most dentists are involved with associations and organizations within their field, many dentists know one another, even if they are from other states. They meet at national conferences as well as local seminars and professional development workshops. This means that your current dentist could have a list already handy of dentists that you could consider in the new area in which you will be using them. The odds are that if your dentist has them on their list, they operate their offices in the same way that your current dentist does.


American Dental Association (AMA)


The AMA has a unique online tool that can help you get started on your search for a new family dentist. It is called Find-a-Dentist. This is where you can search by the name of a referred dentist, or you can look up dentists in a specific region, state, or city. If your child has orthodontia needs, you can even look a doctor up by his or her dental specialty. You can also check the each doctor’s credentials the dental societies where they are a member.


Once you have chosen at least five potential dentists, give them a call and ask for a tour of their office for yourself and your other family members. This is especially important for children who are usually fearful of the dentist or any doctor, especially a new one. The dental office should understand your concerns and be open to this. Once you are there, make a note of the following items or ask the dental receptionist about them:


  •    List of dental insurances they take
  •    Convenient office hours including Saturday
  •    What is their process for preventative care?
  •    What type of anesthesia do they use for oral surgery?
  •    Do they deal with after-hour emergencies or does another service location?
  •    If insurance does not cover the full costs, do they have payment plans?
  •    What is their policy for missed appointments?
  •    Note if their office is clean and organized
  •    Did you notice that protective gear and gloves were being used?
  •    Were there family-friendly signs and accessories in the waiting room?
  •    Was the dental staff friendly and willing to answer your questions?


Services Available


Look for the kind of services being provided by the clinic. Some clinics don’t offer many services, so it’s better to find out earlier if they are providing the services you need. Look for services like fillings, gum disease treatment, sedation therapy, dental implants, tooth whitening etc.  


Good Reputation


Look for a dentist who is experienced and has a good reputation. Good dentists will explain procedures to just general conversations. No one wants to feel uncomfortable, rushed or spend time with an impatient dental technician. Moreover, the best dentist will inform you about the problem and the proper treatments for you.


Flexible hours


Look for a clinic or dentist that works well with your schedule. Some clinics have early appointments that you can schedule before starting your day. Also, if you have a tight schedule, find a dentist that has evening appointments.


Kid-friendly environment


If you want a perfect dentist for your family, they should be appropriate for your kids too. It is essential that your kids feel comfortable during their appointments. Look for big waiting room that has TV, magazines or even an aquarium to keep the kids occupied.


So, these are some of the points you should consider while looking for a good dentist for your family.