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How To Select Yoga Teacher Training Program In India?

    Have a yoga teacher training India on the books? It is ‘the’ perfect move for a dedicated yoga lover. To experience the art in the land of its beginning can be absolutely life-changing. It is a widely testified fact that yoga education in India has a more detailed approach to breath-based pranayamic training and an exclusive spiritual orientation of yoga that’s hard to find in the Western schools.

    Only, you need to be cautious in picking the right one. The curriculum and temperament of a course can make or break your ambitions, and there are way too many schools today to choose from. If you’re looking for a programme in Europe, Yogasara (based in the UK) offers a Teacher Training 250 hour IYN qualification course in the bustling city centre of Bristol.

    So, how do we determine you will be in good hands, have a cherished time in the land of true spiritual awesomeness that’s India, and also get your money’s worth of training and a valid certification to teach in the future? Let’s find out—

    Yoga Alliance Affiliation and the Provision of Teaching as RYT

    Yoga Alliance certification is apparently a big deal in the global yoga community. The Alliance is a non-profit organization that standardizes course modules for a complete yogic experience and affiliates yoga institutions over the world which go by its norms.

    While you can be a yoga-pro in your own right by receiving legit training from wherever, with or without a YA certification, it is still wiser to graduate from an Alliance-affiliated institution if you have plans to teach in the future. For instance, you can sign up with the Alliance on graduating your YTT as Registered Yoga Teacher and that’s a stamp of authenticity recognized from the Americas to Europe. Think career-wise!

    The Curriculum of Hatha and Ashtanga- The Two Beacons of Foundational Yogic Education

    Both of these styles are super-ancient and evolved in meaning and practice as time went by. Also, it is important to note that the postures, techniques, and meditative approaches of Hatha and Ashtanga might not be wholly mutually exclusive. What you need in a Yoga Teacher Training in India is a seamless integration of the two—the deliberate and forceful movement of Hatha and the fluid, vigorous ‘flow’ style movement of Ashtanga Vinyasa, the moving meditation of Ashtanga with breath as an anchor and the intensive breath-based pranayama of Hatha.

    Fully-Inclusive Residential Program with Appropriate Infrastructure

    Whether you are taking a breezy week-long yoga retreat in India or a fully-immersive training, it is ideal to be in residence with your peers and preceptors. From getting your yogavibes on from early morning prayers to receiving a balanced nutrition-informed yogic food three times a day, to a scheduled self-practice in peaceful alcoves made for the purpose—the entire calendar must be tuned to be yoga-conducive. Only a fully-residential program (inclusive of meals) can have an appropriate infrastructure for this.

    Meet the Teachers

    The quality of your yoga experience is going to depend on the teachers, more than you know. Be absolutely vigilant with teacher reviews. Also, it’s not hard to find videos of sessions conducted by the teachers on their personal social media handles or that of the school. Judge them by their merits before you sign up!

    Locational Legacy, Any?

    India is ancient and sacred. It is such a country where the historical, mythical, and the modern reside side by side. Make your venue a place of legacy. On the top of our mind is 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh—in the old temple town spread of the banks of the holy river Ganges that has been a destination for yogis since the times of yore.

    Class Strength- You Don’t Want to Be In a Crowd!

    Make it point to inquire about the class strength. There is no point in attending a class with an insane number of pupils. 20-30 students in a hall seem about right!

    An Opportunity to Participate In Karma Yoga Projects

    Karma Yoga is a noble concept and a tenet in the greater philosophy of yoga, though the spirit of it commonly happens to elude people. In Karma Yoga, one has to perform all of life’s duties with complete non-attachment to the fruits of the action performed. Yoga teacher training India makes it a point to indulge all participants in Karma Yoga with charitable societal services.

    Be of service and score some Karma points!

    Advanced Courses/ Scholarship Courses/ Volunteering Jobs

    Say you have no other binding compulsions and can take forward your formal yoga training further, it would be always good to choose an institute which has a scope for further advancement. An institute providing level-2 YTTC courses, scholarships for qualified students and volunteering options are a class apart.

    Good luck selecting the YTT of your dreams.

    Author Bio-Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler in India. He is currently working with The Yoga Alliance affiliated school organizes a number of Yoga events such as Yoga teacher training India, Yoga workshops, Retreats, Pranayama training, etc.