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How To Stay Calm

    Stress can manifest in different ways. Here is what you need to know about different types of stress. 


    • Acute Stress – It starts and ends quite fast with very little to no damage.


    • Chronic Stress – It occurs more regularly and creates more damage in your body. For instance, it can make you more vulnerable to flu or common cold as well as increases your risk of heart disease. 


    • Eustress – It’s a beneficial type of stress and positive. However, it’s likely to become intense and chronic. This type of stress often comes from an engaging challenge or going on an exciting vacation..


    Any type of stress can be quite overwhelming, especially if it’s too much. In most cases, stress often sneaks up on you. Most people don’t know how much stress they are feeling until they start feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, you might go through some events that demand a lot of attention, one after the other. Here, you are likely to move from being calm to being overwhelmed at a very fast speed. 


    No matter what happens, you need to have some coping strategies ready when you feel overwhelmed by stress. That way, you can relax your mind and body very fast. Here are some of the best tips from the London Meditation Centre to help you feel calm and handle whatever stressful situation comes at you without worries. 


    1. Take A Walk 

    Exercising is a great way to relieve any stress in your body. You can blow off the steam and release endorphins. When feeling stressed, you should take a walk and enjoy the benefits of exercise (both long and short-term). Even better, you can feel less stressed about your current situation. 


    You will gain some perspective and enjoy a new and fresh frame of mind. Try walking with a friend to enjoy some social support. Even better, walking alone gives you enough time to think and reframe your mind thus improving your optimism about the whole thing. 


    1. Take A Breath 


    If you can’t leave your current situation right away, you can get rid of the stress by doing some breathing exercises. Inhaling more oxygen and releasing the tension are some breathing exercises you can try out. They are easy and can be done anywhere or any time even when you are in the worst situation possible. 


    1. Take A Mental Break 


    Take a few moments out of the stressful situations and try visualizations and guided imagery to restore your peace of mind. You can do this very effortlessly and relax physically and mentally. With time, you can get out of your happy place and feel less stressed and calm. 


    1. Try Reframing Your Current Situation 


    Without knowing it, you might be intensifying your stressful situation by how you view it. However, if you can take a step back and view the situation differently, you can enjoy a whole new perspective on it and even something with less stress. You should know that pessimism can bring about a lot of mental and emotional stress as well as self-sabotaging thought patterns and type A traits. Basically, you need to change how you view everything because it will help you feel a lot of relief when there is too much stress. 


    1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation 


    Here, you can tense then release all the muscle groups in your body leaving your body quite relieved once you are done. Anyone can do this technique when feeling stressed. With more practice, you can release all the tension in your body within a few seconds. It’s a great way to feel calmer and handle the situations at hand without any faults. 


    In Conclusion 


    Once you have calmed down, you can now address whatever situations you are experiencing. Adopt these and many more stress relieving habits to reduce your overall stress levels. That way, you can experience less stress and will feel less bothered by whatever stressful situation comes your way. Basically, with these simple stress-relieving tests, you can remove any tension in your body within seconds and enjoy a new and better frame of mind. Try them anywhere and anytime and enjoy the best results without necessarily moving an inch. However, when it’s too much, exercising and walking will do a lot of good.