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How to Stay Feeling & Looking Young

    As someone soon hitting her 30th birthday (help!!!), I sometimes find myself looking in the mirror and wondering, did I age? Do I look like I’m almost 30? When did this happen, it feels just like yesterday when I was celebrating my 20th birthday. Time does fly! 30 is definitely not old, but those little lines and wrinkles can start slowly creeping up on you and making their appearance as you approach this beautiful stage in your life.

    No matter how busy you are, and whether you’re a mom with little ones in tow or a medical doctor wearing a crisp nursing uniform, here are easy, simple tips to keep you looking amazing.

    So, what is the magic secret to not only stay looking young and beautiful, but also feeling that way too?

    Firstly, we will focus on our skin, as it’s the most prominent place where aging occurs and is visible. We want to keep our skin smooth, glowing and fresh.

    Developing a skincare routine is extremely important to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.


    Removing the dead and dull skin cells from your face, exfoliating, is extremely important and keeps your skin looking fresh. You will immediately feel the softness of your skin once as soon as the dead skin cells are removed. Just be careful not to exfoliate too often, as this will lead to skin irritation and dryness, which is something we definitely want to avoid! You can pick up exfoliating cream at your local pharmacy and start using it today.

    Moisturize & Put On Sunscreen

    Start your day with washing your face, applying a moisturizer, as well as a sunscreen.  While all agree that sunscreen is of utmost importance in skincare routine, it’s controversial whether it is more effective if applied before moisturizing or after.

    Apply Makeup

    Next, before stepping out and greeting another day, make sure to apply that makeup. Whether you prefer a more natural, subtle look or a more striking, glamorous one, correctly applied makeup can make all the difference.

    Take care to camouflage any wrinkles with concealer, not foundation. Foundation will accentuate the wrinkles and make them stand out.

    Choose an eye shadow color that is opposite of your eye color to bring out your eyes natural beauty.

    Steer clear of dark color lipstick, which will make your lips look smaller. A natural gloss, or even just a dab of Vaseline will make your lips look fuller, and in turn will give you a younger look.


    Now that we are already looking younger and fresher, let’s talk about feeling amazing too!

    Eat Healthy– Keeping a healthy diet is integral to being healthy and feeling great at any age. Surprisingly, there are certain foods that will actually make you look younger! These foods contain minerals, nutrients, as well as antioxidants that won’t only make you feel your best they will give your hair that beautiful sheen, strengthen your nails, and even help smooth your wrinkles.  


    It’s never too early to slow down the aging process, and proper exercise is one of the best ways to do it.

    New research shows that frequent exercise may slow the decline in your immune system which naturally occur as your body ages.

    Join your local gym, or create your own exercise routine, and remember exercise won’t only make you feel great, it can be fun too!

    Let me mention again, 30 really is young, but it’s never too early take care of ourselves so that when we hit our 40th birthday we will still feel and look like we did at 30!


    Author Bio: Carol Kalat lives in South Jersey with her husband and three children. She works as the marketing director for Medical Scrubs Collection, on online nursing uniform store. She loves being on top of the newest fashion trends, and enjoys blogging about a wide array of topics.