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How to Stay Fit During a Lockdown

    During a lockdown is probably one of the easiest times to stay or even to get fit. Lockdown or no lockdown in order to stay fit you must have the determination, motivation and keep to a routine. 


    They are different ways for you to stay fit within your own home. One of the best ways to do this would be to hire a treadmill, exercise machines such as exercise bikes or a rowing machine. As each piece of equipment would not take up to much room. 


    Maybe one of the hardest decisions for you to make would be which machine would suit you best. If you do not have the capabilities to hire any form of exercise machine do not worry. There are plenty of other ways in which you can keep your body and mind strong. 


    Your Mental Well Being During a Lockdown 


    You may not think it but with physical fitness comes mental wellbeing. If you do not look after your mentally wellbeing, then keeping yourself fit becomes an even harder task. 


    One of the best ways you can take of your mental wellbeing is succeeded by what you consume, on a healthy and nutritional diet. Certain foods produce different chemicals which help with brain function. 


    Sleep is another important aspect of looking after your mental wellbeing, sleeping too much is not healthy for your mind as is having little sleep.  


    Different Ways to Stay Fit  


    There are always ways in which you can keep yourself fit within your own home. One of the most popular ways would be for you to look and follow exercise videos via the internet. 


    There are all different types of fitness ranging from basic stretching techniques, Pilates to more extreme and high energy workouts, such as kickboxing or mixed Martials arts. 


    It is finding the style that suits your own personal needs. If you have decided you want to stay fit then that means you already are fit and have an understanding of how to stay in shape. If you decide that you want to get fit, this on the other hand may take a bit more time for you to understand what you’re capable of and what kind of exercise works best for you.


    If you feel like you are losing Your Balance 


    Previously the gym may have been a place where you would go to socialize and to be with your friends. As this is not possible right now, being able to find a balance between exercising and other responsibilities within your life?


    Keeping yourself fit is healthy and good for you. Although It could turn into an obsession or an addiction, especially during a lockdown, when, depending on your family situation you could be spending a lot more time in isolation. 


    If you feel like you are becoming obsessed or addicted to exercising then there are always ways for you to seek help. Many people at this moment in time are struggling with uncertainty and financial difficulties. 


    One in four people will suffer from some kind of mental illness during their lifetime it is not unusual or anything to be ashamed of. If anything understanding and seeking help in the first place is a strength within itself. 


    Mental illness comes in many different ways. It could be an eating disorder, anxiety or pressure from work finding the right help is not always easy as mental health is such a broad subject it doesn’t matter if you suffer from a short term illness or more of an ongoing issue. 


    How to Stay Focused and Positive 


    Although it might not seem like it. There are certain things that you can do in order to prevent, or reduce the risk of going into a negative thought process. 


    If you have a routine, trying to stick to it is one of the best ways to overcome negativity. Do not stop doing your daily tasks and stay focused on your goals. If you start to lose sight of what is important to you that is when you will more than likely start to fall into some form of depression.


    Another positive thing you can do is try something new, although this may seem daunting and not achievable the sense of accomplishment that you will feel will give you back a great amount of confidence in order to progress or try and get back into a normal routine. 


    Although it may be hard for you to see loved ones at this moment in time try and stay in contact with the people you care about. Although this is a hard thing to do if you are feeling depressed or anxious, but, it is better than isolating yourself. 


    Make sure you eat plenty of good food, not eating is again a sign of depression but food is actually energy and when you are feeling down in the dumps, the last thing you need is a lack of energy. 


    Water is another important factor when it comes to good mental wellbeing. You can go weeks without food but you cannot survive that long without water. If you have stopped exercising then try and start to do a little bit at a time. 


    Exercise releases endorphins within the body which helps the release of serotonin which is what is known as the happy hormone. 


    How to Seek Professional Mental Health Care 


    If you feel like things are really getting out of hand then there are always health care professionals that are there to help you with whatever issue you may be facing. The main thing for you to remember is that it is relative to you. 


    What might seem a small problem to someone else might be a big problem to you. Remember that you are an individual who has individual needs and no one’s needs is greater than another individual. If anything, without this sounding selfish you are the most important person as no one else will make you happy