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How to Stay Fit While Working a Physical Job

    If you are doing manual labor, then how can you make sure that you can keep up with your bodybuilding exercises and keep those gains coming to you? It is never easy to do heavy workloads, manage hectic family schedules and bear the time pressures; now around all this, fitting in the workouts might seem difficult. But if you want to remain fit even while doing manual labor, then you have to follow the instructions mentioned in this article very carefully.

    Personal Example

    As the owner of a painting company, I’ve experimented with lots of different ways to get in some exercise while working on painting projects.

    Incorporate movement

    Now, the first step for working out and managing labor at the same time is by incorporating movement as an essential part of your daily routine. Whenever you have to speak to someone, don’t email them, rather move and walk to get physical in your daily life. Try to help your workers in moving or lifting paint cans up on the 2nd or 3rd floor through stairs.

    You can also start using the bathrooms present in other parts of the building so that you have to use the stairs, not the elevator, and do the necessary movement that you are supposed to do in your daily routine. By making very simple changes, you will be able to incorporate movement into your daily routine.

    Start a competition

    You can use motivation sources for helping you with the challenges brought upon every day. One method is by using free posters on every staircase of your building and strategically located around your shop or office. With the poster, you should be able to recognize the number of calories that you can burn while you go up and down the stairs and around your office. This motivates the people and makes them want to the stairs more often. Through exercise, a person can stay alert every time. This will certainly add a competitive judge for the people who are tired from sitting at their desk each and every day, while rarely getting up to move around.

    Importance of Active Commute

    There is no need to work while sitting in front of the office desk continuously. You can simply opt for some easy ways by which you can incorporate a workout into your daily routine. You can choose to change some part of the journey by replacing it with a beneficial physical activity like cycling, running or walking. You can also choose to get off the bus or train earlier and walk around the block.

    Working Out In the Office

    This is always an option. By taking guidelines from a simple everyday plan, you can manage your workout with the manual labor. To make the most of the free time available to you, all you have to do is find a quiet corner and then perform some very simple exercises that don’t require exercise equipment and that will include the following.

    • 10 x squats
    • 10 x arm circles
    • 10 x Low ride to side Lunge
    • 10 x walking high knees
    • 10 x shoulder circles
    • 10 x reverse lunge reach black

    It is very important for you to keep your mind, body and eyes away from the desk occasionally during the long workday and give some time to your workout and body too.