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How To Stay Motivated To Meet Your Fitness Goal

    Setting fitness goals to fit into your favourite, old jeans is a great idea. But the tough part of setting fitness goals is meeting the goal and crossing the finish line. One needs regular motivation and inspiration to set, practise and meet the fitness goals.


    If you have set a fitness goal for yourself and are now struggling to keep at it and meet it, here are some tips that will help you, not just set, but also meet your fitness goals.


    1. Maintain a Fitness Journal and Story

    Everyone has a story behind their fitness goal. What made you set a fitness goal for yourself or what was that moment in your life where you realised that it’s enough and got yourself focused on fitness? Maintain a journal and write your own fitness story. The desire to see a happy ending to your fitness story and wanting to end the last chapter of your journal with a, ‘i did it’, is going to keep you motivated to want to follow your fitness regime and fill the pages of your journal with your fitness success story.


    1. Implement Consequences

    Set some strict rules and implement consequences for missing out on your workout schedule and not meeting your weekly targets. You can set consequences like missing the friday night pizza or one day of Netflix etc. Put in place small, harmless consequences which will make you want to meet your weekly fitness targets and not skip them.


    1. Reward Yourself

    Each time you meet your daily or weekly fitness goal, reward yourself with something small or big, depending on how you want to reward yourself. If you want to reward yourself daily, you could start with something small like a fitness bank where you collect small amounts on a daily basis and then buy something you want at the end of the week with that money.


    If you want to reward yourself with something big, then at the start of your fitness regime, make a list of things you want to buy for yourself. At the end of each fitness goal or month, buy yourself something from that list as a reward.


    1. Personal Trainer

    To have another person motivate you and push you to do better and meet your fitness goals, is the best way to ensure that you are regular in your fitness regime and meet all your fitness goals. You can hire a personal trainer from Ellis Stockwell Personal Fitness Coaching, who will understand your fitness needs, guide you with their fitness coaching and ensure that you meet your fitness goal. Hiring a personal trainer is a really effective way to stay motivated to practise your fitness regime. They give you the extra push you need before you’re ready to give up on your goal and ensure that you keep going no matter what.


    1. Variety and Socialising

    Adding different kinds of workouts and exercises is going to keep your workout and fitness regime interesting for you. Following the same exercises over and over again on a daily basis, will bore your mind and body making you less motivated to move forward. You will feel more eager to quit if you’re bored. Add different varieties of exercises in a weekly fitness regime so that you have something new to look forward to rather than the same, boring routine.



    Discipline is the key to achieving your fitness goals and staying motivated to workout daily. Always remember that moment that you decided you need a fitness goal and remind yourself of why you started this and don’t stop until you get into those favourite, old jeans.