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How to Stimulate Creativity with Natural, Safe Supplements

    Credit: Bruno Scramgnon Via Pexels

    Getting ahead in life takes a lot of work – and a healthy dose of creativity. Maybe you’re a musician waiting on a fresh whiff of inspiration to guide your compositions, a writer battling against writer’s block, or a social media star looking to craft the next big viral video. 

    Or, perhaps, you’re none of those things; you simply want a boost of creativity to get you through that big presentation at work, or to guide you through your next kitchen remodel. Everyone needs a little creativity on occasion. 

    Getting in the creative zone often takes uphill effort tough. Sometimes, you just feel… foggy. Like the two halves of your brain aren’t properly communicating. Like there’s something in the way. For those times, you can turn to these three natural, safe supplements (i.e., not the illicit kind of “inspirational supplements”). 

    These powerful plants can kickstart even the stubbornest minds and help you get your creative groove back. Let’s explore!

    Lion’s Mane Coffee for Peak Cognitive Performance

    Lion’s mane mushrooms are renowned “nootropics,” natural brain-boosters that can help sharpen focus and increase attention. Some studies show that lion’s mane might even work to reverse signs of cognitive impairment and decline. Their use dates back centuries: Lion’s mane mushrooms are a staple in several ancient medicinal practices, prized for their ability to proffer insights and stimulate innovation. 

    In short, lion’s mane is a cognitive health superstar. Next time you’re reaching for mental clarity, try starting your day with a lion’s mane coffee. The best lions mane supplement is mixed with bacopa monnieri and Rhodiola (the following two supplements on this list!) for extra brain-supporting oomph. 

    Bacopa Monnieri for Healthy Brain Maintenance

    Bacopa monnieri, also known as water hyssop or “Brahmi,” is a flowering herb found in various rainy parts of the world. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine practitioners recommend bacopa monnieri for several brain and nervous system ailments. More recently, scientists have been studying bacopa’s influence on brain chemistry: its positive effects on memory and information processing. 

    On its own, bacopa monnieri should evoke creativity. But for maximum effect, pair it with lion’s mane (as mentioned above). 

    Rhodiola and Cordyceps for Fatigue Reduction

    For some people, it isn’t a lack of inspiration that stymies creativity – it’s energy. Being creative takes a lot out of you! And before long, fatigue may interfere with a hot creative streak. 

    For stamina and fatigue reduction, try Rhodiola or cordyceps. The former is an adaptogenic herb used in European medicinal practices for endurance. The latter is a fungus found in the mountainous regions of China, revered for its ability to ward off fatigue. 

    Some high-performance athletes use Rhodiola or cordyceps (or a mixture of the two) for increased stamina. For the rest of us, they represent natural ways to boost energy in the face of difficult creative tasks. 

    Whether you have a term paper due or the next great American novel to write, try these effective, engaging, natural supplements for a second wind of creative energy. To maximize your chances of brilliance, find a supplement that combines lion’s mane with one or more of the rest. All the best in your creative endeavors!