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How to stretch before workout

    How you stretch before workout could either hurt you or help you. It cannot be denied that stretching is one of the very important part of any workout we do, and before workout stretching has an important role for human body to prevent injury. It prepares our body muscles for heavy weight workout, or anything we do at our workout routine, and it also helps our muscles to get relaxed after our workout as well. Before we start our workout routine stretching is very important as well as after workout. Now the key factor is to know how to stretch before workout.  Not doing any kind of stretching or warm ups before you start workout can be harmful to your body and potentially cause injury. So, we prepared an ideal stretching or warm up routine before you start workout, and it will be beneficial for any routines, whether you’re hitting the legs, chest, or any other body part on that day. Here are some of the best stretches to ensure you and your body stay safe before your workout.

    Elevate your heart rate up

    Very first thing you have to do is, get yourself into a treadmill, or cross trainer, or bicycles, if you are in a gym. Do it for 5-10 mints, you don’t have to do it so fast just move your body and start sweating. If you are doing home workout then go for jumping jacks or, high knee tabs for 2-3 minutes, you can do it dividing into sets.  Basic thing is to elevate you heart rate up and bring out some seat from your body. It will ensure, all the body organs are getting ready for next moves. 

    Leg swings

    Just hold onto something with one hand and move the legs both side one after another, swings will be forward and backward. 10 reps on each leg. 

    Lateral swings

    Next thing is Lateral swings. Again hold on to something with one hand, and swing your legs across. Both legs, 10 reps each. 

    Stationary knee hug

    The very next thing is stationary knee hugs, just raise up your one knee and hold it up with both hands and pull it to touch the chest or as much as you can. Do it for both legs, one by one, and 5-7 reps each will do fairly. It will relax your hamstring and gluts.

    Quad stretch

    Bend your knee backward and hold it with the similar side hand for one second. Do it alternatively together, and 10 reps each side is enough. 

    Solider kick

    The next thing is solider kick. Stand up in a fix position and crisscross hands and legs up. Right-hand in front and touch it with the left leg, and the same thing other side. 10 reps each side. 

    Arm circles

    Let’s move up to the upper body. Start with arm circles, just straight up your hand and start rolling back in front. Going forward and backward once is counted as one rep, do it for 10-12 reps. 

    Crisscrosses and arm raises

    Straight up your hand in front and move crisscross both together. You can do it for 10/15 reps or half a minute if you want. When you are done start raising your hands one after another, same reps to be followed. 

    So these can stretch your entire body from shoulder to leg, but if you want to do some more for getting the heart rate up, which is considered as cardio, you can go do, mountain climbing, burpees, full leg stretches, crunches, planks, twisting, bending and skipping and some other dynamic exercises. 

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