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How to Take Probiotics: The Top Tips You Should Know

    Struggling with poor digestion, bloating, or weight gain? Your gut might be out of whack. Luckily, you can balance your gut flora through simple dietary changes.

    The human microbiota is home to approximately 100 trillion bacteria and other microorganisms. Some are beneficial, while others may affect your well-being and even cause you to pack on pounds. The key to better health is to keep these microbes in balance.

    Start by adding a probiotic formula to your diet. First, make sure you know how to take probiotics to fully reap the benefits. 

    Remember, a healthy gut translates into a stronger immune system, faster metabolism, and greater energy. Probiotics can help you with these things. 

    Read on to find out how and when to take probiotics for better digestive health! 

    How Do Probiotic Supplements Work?

    The microbiome affects your health on every level. The microorganisms residing in your gut break down nutrients, regulate your metabolism, and keep your blood lipids within normal limits. They also influence your body weight and metabolism.

    Certain disorders, lifestyle, and medications can disturb the delicate balance of gut bacteria.

    Artificial sweeteners, for example, may affect this complex microbial community and promote the growth of E. Coli.

    Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria, which may cause imbalances in this microflora.

    That’s where probiotics can help. These supplements contain Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, Oenococcus, and other bacteria strains with beneficial properties. Lactobacillus rhamnosus, for instance, modulates the gut microbiota and may help relieve constipation.

    The live microbes in probiotics are the same as those in your gut. They help repopulate the microbiota and may improve overall health.

    However, not all probiotic formulas are created equal. Their efficacy and mechanism of action depend on the product quality, type of probiotic strain, dose, and concentration, among other factors.

    How to Take Probiotics for Maximum Efficiency?

    Wondering what’s the best way to take probiotics? Should you take them on an empty stomach or with food?

    Most health experts recommend taking these supplements with water in a fasting state, such as in the morning.

    Stomach acid levels are lower after a few hours of fasting. These beneficial bacteria have to survive gastric acid in order to settle in the digestive tract.

    An important aspect to consider is the type of probiotic. Enteric-coated formulas can survive stomach acid, so you may take them with food. Non-enteric preparations should be taken on an empty stomach. Check this probiotic Malaysia.

    The pill concentration matters too.

    If you choose a more concentrated formula, you may only need to take one pill per day. A less concentrated probiotic supplement may require two or three daily doses.

    The optimal dosage also depends on the condition that is being treated.

    For example, if you have diarrhea, you may benefit from taking two daily doses instead of one. To stay safe, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult your doctor.

    Reap the Benefits of Probiotics

    Probiotic supplements are not a cure-all. However, they can significantly improve digestion and boost your health in the long run. The key is to take them at the right time.

    Now that you know how to take probiotics, choose a quality formula that supports your health goals. Some products support overall health, while others work best for traveler’s diarrhea, IBS, and other digestive disorders.

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