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How to Train for an Ironman: 5 Tips for Success

    Statistics show that between 7,000 to 10,000 calories could be burned over the course of an Ironman race.

    Is your body ready for the intense physical challenge of an Ironman? How do you plan to prepare for the race? What steps can you take each day to get closer to your goal?

    Proper training for any sport is important but Ironman training requires a large amount of self-discipline and intense workouts to be prepared on race day.

    Keep reading to learn more about how to train for an Ironman.

    1. Schedule Your Training

    Most triathletes will train 15 or more hours per week training for an Ironman, which is the equivalent of having another job on top of your current one. Saving all of your long workouts for the weekend won’t be beneficial, so you must schedule out a weekly plan to run, bike, and swim in a manner that will prepare you for the race.

    Building a routine around your training can help you get more comfortable with the increased workload and get used to morning and evening workouts throughout the week. 

    1. Incorporate Circuit Training

    Adding circuit training to your workout regimen when you are training for the Ironman will help you build a stronger core to rely on when your body begins to get tired during the race. Each activity requires a tremendous amount of strength to power through. Biking over 100 miles or running a marathon during the Ironman can become a lot tougher if you don’t have proper core support. 

    1. Find a Coach

    Training for the event is hard enough, so leave the workout plan up to a professional!

    Finding a coach can help in many ways. Having someone that holds you accountable in your workouts and pushes you to hit your goals will be important for both the training and the race. 

    The coaches at Breakthrough Performance Coaching, you can receive training plans that are customized for you and coaching that is meant for all levels, regardless of your previous experience. 

    1. Sign up for the Race

    There is a big difference between saying you’ll race an Ironman and actually racing it. 

    The act of signing up for the race may seem small but it defines your commitment to the event and training for the future. Paying money and putting a date on the calendar will give you a clear timeline in which you need to complete your training. 

    1. Talk to Fellow Athletes About How to Train for an Ironman

    Do you know anyone who has raced an Ironman? If not, reach out to someone who has. 

    Ask them how they trained for the race and what they would change about their training. In doing this, you can help avoid some mistakes and gain the knowledge of someone who completed this extremely challenging physical endeavor. 

    Get Started Today

    Now that you have read more about how to train for an Ironman, you can start your training today. Being purposeful in this training can lead to better results on race day. Check out our website for more informational articles like this one.