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How to Train Legs Like an Athlete

    Leg day is the day when you don’t want to go to the gym. It’s fact that leg days are so painful and tough that most people tend to train every other muscle than legs. As a result, these men and women become huge from above and skinny from below like an animated character. I call these bodybuilders “Johnny Bravo”. The cartoon character with yellow hair and black sunglasses had the same body type. 

    Legs are one of the most important muscles to train because it provides the body with a strong foundation. When you train your legs, you burn lots of calories in the process which is good for your body. Burning calories results in T-level elevation, improved mobility and more strength, power and muscle mass. Despite having prominent benefits of Legs Workouts, people are still reluctant to do it because of the slow results and considerably longer time to show positive change. Therefore, we have prepared a list of effective and muscle crushing exercises to make your leg days memorable.

    Jump Squats

    First and foremost, the Jump squats. They are an improved version of squats. This one is among the top leg workouts. It requires your maximum effort on every rep, this is the reason why this exercise is so effective. Moreover, it is easy to do and doesn’t need any equipment. You drive your energy to your leg muscles and push downwards so that your body can go jump. This requires a huge effort from all your leg muscles in each rep.

    Place your feet apart enough to jump to the maximum height. Staying in that position bend your knees and go down in the position of a normal squat. Now jump using all your lower body muscles to jump with full force. This jump should be explosive and should engage all your legs muscles. Do as many repetitions as you can in a set. 

    Bulgarian Split Squats

    The second exercise is also a variation squat but this will set those leg muscles on fire! The Bulgarian split squat. In this exercise, you put your load on the front leg while stretching your rear leg. If you are feeling a bit creative you can add in dumbbells and barbells according to your preference. 

    By Maggie Fazeli Fard | Experience Life

    To do this properly, you need to stand on a flat surface and put your rear leg on a chair, stool, bed or bench. Sink as low as you can and go up using your leg on the ground. Make sure all the effort is done by your front leg. To make it a little more difficult you can jump a little while going up. When you are done with one leg and switch legs and go all-in again. 

    Pistol Squats

    As the name suggests, this one is a killer. Pistol squats have the word pistol in their name for a reason. This ultimate leg workout is surely going to be your worst nightmare but when you’d see the result it will be your new best friend. 

    By CONNOR REID | Mens health

    Stand still with normal or a little distance between your feet. Lift your right leg and make a 90-degree angle. Keep this leg still and go down by squeezing the other leg as much as you can. Tired already? Wait! This is the best part, now stand right back up using your squeezed leg while keeping your other leg straight and lifted. Keep in mind that your 90-degree leg stays lifted and uninvolved. All of the pressure should be on the squeezing and expanding of the other leg. Repeat this until you fall on the ground out of fatigue. To increase the difficulty, you can hold weights from your hands. You have to add this one to your leg workout routine.

    Single-Leg Squats

    Single leg squats are basically the same squats just the difference is you do it with one leg only, which means double the pressure, double the difficulty and double the screaming. Instead of two legs, all your weight will be on a single leg only and you will be wishing you wouldn’t have eaten that hamburger last Friday. The more weight you have the more painful and dreadful this exercise will be. However, on the bright side, this will surely level up your leg game. 

    Yoga Squats

    For those who thought Yoga is boring, Yoga squats were invented to suck the life out of them. Yoga squats target specific leg muscles. This remixed version of squats develops your quads and butt for a round muscular lower body. 

    To do this you need to stand keeping your feet as close as humanly possible (don’t get carried away just because it says Yoga), bend down in a squat position and launch yourself up. Try to use your knees and maintain proper form. Join hands if more balance is needed. 

    Pause Squats

    After all this going up and down you must be feeling tired. Let’s stay till for this last exercise. Pause squats don’t involve too much moving but when you are done with pause squats you will have difficulty walking straight because of all that muscle pump. 

    The emerging India.

    Position yourself in a squat position, feet at a standard distance from each other. Go down for a squat by bending your knees. Go down to a point where your hips are slightly lower than your knee level and stay there. Yes! Just stay right there and count to 10 then come back up and repeat. You can count to 5 if you are already crying.

    Never Miss a Leg Day

    All of these legs workout are like horror movies with no end but experts have said and experienced a happy ending after few weeks. By doing these exercises you will feel prominent results in just a few weeks. Your lower body will give a new appearance to your overall personality. You will look shredded as ever.