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How to Treat Deformed Nails of Cat

    No matter how well you take care of your cat’s paws.  They end up with deformed and scaly nails. Deformed nails can be due to age, trauma or an infection.

    Check the abnormalities in his nails to figure out the cause and find solutions. In the case of any unusual changes, you can consult with a doctor. Below given information can help you in this regard.

    Notice Deformed Nails

    Sometimes cats damage their nails somewhere. This could occur in a fight or if they are caught in something. In this case nails grow deformed. 

    To find out deformed nails look for missing, bloody and broken nails. If you spot swelling and redness, consult with a specialist.

    Monitor Scaly and Embedded Nails 

    If a cat’s nails are not trimmed properly, they grow and curl into paw pad. This can be painful and a cause of deformation. Usually this situation occurs when your cat is old and inactive.

    Check for infected, rough and scaly nails to prevent any serious situation. 

    Notice Cat’s Behavior 

    Cat’s happy mood is an indication of his healthy life. But stressed and sleepy behavior indicates that he is not active. If cat’s nails are bothering him, he can behave abnormal than usual. 

    Consult with a specialist in this case. Similarly if he is licking his paws more than usual, it is a sign of abnormality.

    Consult with a Specialist

    Schedule a meeting with a specialist to examine the cause of stressed behavior. In this way you can diagnose its cause properly. Also, share the nail trimming and physical history of your cat with his doctor. 

    Don’t wait for any serious problem, take immediate actions and give him proper examination in the case of his unusual behavior. If you wait too long, the infection may get worse and critical to diagnose.

    Undergo for Proper Testing

    Concentrate on what your consultant suggests. If he says that deformation cause is minor infection, neglect it. But if he diagnoses a serious problem go for proper testing. 

    Examiner can take the blood sample to test for parasites and infections. Biopsy is required for serious causes of deformation. 

    Treat the Deformed Nails by clipping it

    If the deformed nail is an infected nail, it can cause pain. Consultant can cut or remove this nail. Cutting the nail can be painful for your pet but it can prevent him from serious medical problems.

    In the case of an infection and fungus consultant can prescribe antibiotics or other medication to deal with infection. Treatment can be in the form of oral tablet, a soak or a typical ointment. This treatment may last up to three months after a healthy nail has replaced with the deformed one.

    Final Thought

    Clip your cat’s nails weekly to avoid any serious condition. Nail trimming can be a hectic task but it will help your pet in a long run. Try clipping the cat’s nail when he is not anxious and stressed otherwise it can make this process difficult . Simply give him some space and leave him for a while. Nail clipping on timely basis can save you and your cat from serious problems.