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How to Treat Nerve Damage Effectively: A Basic Guide

    Did you know that 20-30 million people in the United States have peripheral neuropathy? If you want to learn more about how to relieve nerve pain, we can help.

    In this guide, we’ll go over how to treat nerve damage.

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    Add Exercise to Your Routine

    Exercise will help you control nerve pain. Exercise will help people keep their blood sugar levels at a typical range. Exercising will also help improve the blood flow to your feet and hands.

    When the blood flow increases, your nerves will get more nutrients in those areas.

    People also tend to feel happier and more relaxed after exercising. Try to figure out what kind of exercise you can do.

    Consider contacting an occupational therapist or a doctor who specializes in neuropathy. Ask the health professional what exercises they would recommend. 310 metaboost reviews can help you to lose weight.

    Try Using OTC Medication

    If you have neuropathy, you could try using aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen. Over-the-counter pain meds will be able to help with moderate or mild pain from nerve damage.

    If you overuse these medications, you might end up with other health problems. Try only to use these OTC medications when needed.

    Are you unsure whether you have nerve damage or not? Learn about the signs you have nerve damage.

    Limit Your Consumption of Sugar

    Peripheral neuropathy’s a side effect of diabetes that’s out of control. If you have diabetes, you should try and lower your blood sugar levels.

    Keeping your blood sugar levels down can relieve pain and decrease damage to your nerves.

    Don’t Smoke Anymore

    Smoking decreases your circulation and constricts the flow of blood through your body.

    When circulation decreases, peripheral nerves won’t receive the proper amount of nutrients. This can increase the amount of pain someone feels.

    Make sure you quit smoking if you haven’t already. You’ll improve your overall health when you do this, as well.

    Consider Taking Supplements

    Vitamin D and vitamin B could help lower the amount of pain you feel from neuropathy.

    If you don’t get enough vitamin D, you could take a supplement. Most of the time, people get enough vitamin B from the food they eat.

    Another way to reduce nerve pain is by taking the supplement alpha-lipoic acid. Your body will produce this antioxidant, but not a massive amount. You might want to look at taking a supplement.

    Capsaicin Cream

    Some people with neuropathy find they get relief when they use capsaicin cream. Try rubbing the cream on the affected areas. Buy capsaicin cream or ask a doctor to prescribe you one with a higher dose.

    Now You Know More About How to Treat Nerve Damage

    We hope this guide on relieving nerve pain was helpful. Now that you know how to treat nerve damage figure out what will work for you.

    You could try adding exercise to your daily routine. Use over-the-counter medications when needed. Ask your doctor for some recommendations.

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