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How to treat your common cold at home and feel better

    Cold is a very common infection and everyone gets cold at some point in time. It is caused by a virus attack. Cold is such a common infection that the centers for disease control and prevention also admit; every adult is expected to have cold twice a year. Although doctors have stated that cold is not any disease, it can make you feel dreadful. 

    Antibiotics are also not much effective for curing a cold. All you can do to relieve yourself from cold is trying some home remedies. You can try these home remedies whenever you feel symptoms of a cold. Some of the common symptoms are sore throat, cough, headache, nasal block and pain. 

    Luckily, these home remedies do not cause any side effects. Therefore, even if they did not to be helpful for you, you will not be caused any harm. 

    Common yet Effective Home remedies


    This is the oldest home remedy that can give you relief from sore throat. Whenever you feel the symptom of sore throat, the very first home remedy that you can try to get relief is taking salt water gargles. You can take one teaspoon of salt and mix it with one glass of warm water. Gargle twice a day to get effective results. You can also try to do gargling with honey and lemon juice mixed with warm water. 

    Tip: Make sure that when you are gargling, the water should not be too hot as it can lead to scorch. 

    Drinking fluids

    Drinking fluids in enough quantity can help in preventing dehydration. Also, it can thin mucus. Apart from all liquids, water can be the best one to keep yourself well hydrated. Juices are also admissible. If you are suffering from the problem of sore throat, hot tea with honey and lemon can also help in breaking up congestion. 

    Moreover, hot and spicy soups can push nasal drainage which can make breathing comfortable. 

    Tip: If you have an excess cold, you should avoid taking alcohol as it can worsen the dehydration problem. 


    In order to reduce nasal congestion, a steam bath can be a good temporary option. However, you can also go for an alternative to a steam bath. All you need to do is fill a pot with hot water, place a towel over your head and start breathing in the boiling water. 

    Steam gives a soothing effect to nose and throat tissues. Tum meet the steam even more effective, you can add essential oil into it. Eucalyptus oil can be the best option. 

    Tip: You are advised to close your eyes at the time of taking steam to avoid any kind of irritation. 

    Blowing your nose accurately

    Many people think that a blowing nose does not need any technique. It’s a no-brainer job. Perhaps it is essential to blow your nose accurately so that you can open the nasal passage properly. Breathing in the mucous forcefully can lead to its entry into your ears causing an earache.  

    Tip: the best way to blow your nose is to block anyone side of the nostril and delicately gust into a tissue. Repeat the same with the opposite nostril. 

    Use a balm

    You are also advised to use a small speck of balm under your nose in order to open choked passages. You are recommended to use menthol, camphor or eucalyptus balm which is effective in relieving you from the pain of frequently rubbed nose. 

    Tip: don’t apply the balm inside your nose. 

    Apply Hot or Cold Packs near Your choked channels

    Both of the temperatures can work for you. You will find it at a nearby drug store. Also, you can make your own reusable packs. In place of a cold pack, you can use frozen peas bag. Whereas, in place of the hot pack, you can use a moist cloth which can be heated for 50 seconds in the microwave.

    Put an extra pillow under your head

    Lifting your head with an additional pillow will definitely help you getting relief from choked nasal passages. In this way, you will be able to sleep comfortably at night otherwise the problem of nasal congestion can make your nights restless. 

    To recapitulate, you can try all the above-mentioned home remedies in order to get relief from the common cold. But still, if you find no improvement in your condition, you must visit the doctor. Moreover, if you are not even in a position to visit a doctor, you can call for the service of Brisbane. Calling the doctor at home is a comfortable option when you are not in the condition to get out of your home. In this way, you can recover soon from your common cold problem.