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How To Use CBD Oil For Pain Relief: Discovering Common CBD Products For Pain Management

    Whether you are subjected to serious and crippling pain from injuries, neck and back pain, PMS and menstrual discomfort, chronic pain or any other ailment, Cannabidiol (CBD) can be the answer to your complex condition. This natural supplement is thought to provide relief due to its potential anti-inflammatory, calming and analgesic properties and interaction with specific receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system.


    Since there are a variety of available CBD infused products, which one should you choose to fulfil your needs and preferences? Here are some of the best CBD oil products intended for pain management.


    CBD Tinctures


    CBD oils and tinctures are one of the most popular options and more versatile than other forms of CBD. They typically come in tinted glass bottles with a pipette dropper for a convenient measure of CBD dosage. Users can either add a few drops of the tincture to their daily food or drinks or put a couple of drops under their tongue and hold it for up to 1 minute before swallowing to improve bioavailability and experience positive effects faster.


    Most CBD oils and tinctures are easy to use and available in different strengths, allowing you to tailor their use to your particular needs. This option is also great for beginners as you can start with low concentration and small dosages and then work your way up until the desired result from CBD use take place. However, the natural taste of CBD oil might be unpleasant for some consumers, but as long as you purchase flavoured tinctures, you can avoid its earthy taste.


    CBD Capsules


    For optimal convenience, you can try out oral CBD products such as CBD capsules, pills or tablets. They come with a pre-measured CBD dose and allow you to take CBD oil straight from the bottle without any preparations.


    However, they offer long-lasting benefits, are absorbed slowly and are not as effective in terms of dose as they need to pass through your digestive system before hitting the bloodstream and providing a positive impact.


    CBD Edibles


    Different CBD edibles like gummies, candies, water, coffee, etc., are also intended for oral ingestion; therefore, they need to be digested prior to ensuring potential advantages of CBD oil. 


    At the same time, CBD infused food and beverages help to cover the bitter taste of this natural compound and offer tasty yet beneficial treatment when all you need to do is chew a fruity gummy, a piece of chocolate or drink herbal tea. The choices here are endless, which means each person can find something to delight his or her taste buds. What’s more, you can easily take CBD edibles with you and intake cannabidiol even when you are on the go.


    CBD Vapes


    The fastest way for CBD benefits to become apparent to you, the user, is to inhale CBD oil through a vaping device. If you are already a vaper, switching to CBD vape juice is an easy method to consume CBD for relieving and managing pain. Just like CBD tinctures, CBD vape oils, refillable vape pens and cartridges are available in different concentrations and flavours to match your preferences and experiment with various options.


    In case you are not familiar with vaping but would like to try CBD vaping, you can purchase disposable CBD vape pens to experience the effects of CBD without a big commitment. Although CBD vaping provides fast, efficient absorption, long-term vaping can have a negative impact on your lungs. 


    CBD Creams


    If you are looking for a localised pain relief, CBD topicals like cream, massage oil or balm allow you to use the product on certain areas of the body, such as sore muscles or aching joints. Cannabidiol is thought to penetrate through the layers of the skin, which also include various receptors. CBD creams can often contain many other useful ingredients to promote faster healing, such as shea, cocoa butter or menthol for a cooling effect.


    Before using any CBD infused creams, make sure to test it by applying a small amount to a hidden body part and leaving it on for a few minutes to ensure there is no redness or irritation. However, as CBD is generally safe and is kind to all types of skin, there are more chances to experience an allergy reaction to particular components in the composition, so it is advised to check the product label.


    CBD Transdermal Patches


    Patches are another great way to get the benefits of CBD through the skin receptors. They work in the same way as nicotine patches do and allow the active components to permeate into the skin.


    Patches not only allow you to get your daily CBD dose discreetly, but they also offer slow-release effects without the need to take pills or using a dropper. Since the patch is in direct contact with your skin, it will constantly absorb the beneficial compounds and skip the digestion process to provide positive effects for longer.


    CBD patches can be applied to the source of pain and worn for long periods without interacting with your daily activities. However, such products might not be the best option if you suffer from pain in knees and elbows.


    CBD Stick Roll-On


    With CBD roll-on sticks, you can receive the potential benefits of CBD for pain management with one handy, easy-to-use and portable rollerball. They are usually available in 10ml bottles, so you can take them anywhere with you.


    Aside from its healing properties and convenient format, another great thing about CBD roll-on sticks is that they are easy to apply directly to sore muscles, knees, head and all hard-to-reach areas. They also may contain other essential oils and beneficial components to reduce inflammation and discomfort and provide instant pain relief while some blends can target specific types of pain and aches.


    CBD Suppositories & Tampons


    As most women all around the world are suffering from painful periods, the CBD market also offers suppositories and tampons infused with CBD oil to help relieve pain during that time of the month. 


    The small, cylinder-shaped CBD suppositories or tampons are inserted vaginally, just as if you would use a tampon without an applicator. From there, CBD enters the bloodstream through the vaginal mucosa, which is considered highly absorbent, as is the oral or intestinal mucosa. Since CBD oil is applied directly to the vagina, it can start working on that area almost immediately.