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How to Use Potato Slicer for French Fries

    Are you among those who love fries but lack the option to cut down the potatoes into the desired sizes and shapes? Worry no more since the potato slicer for French fries is the best option for you.

    Just as its name sounds, the French fry cutter is usually used to cut fries into the desired shapes and sizes. The machine comes with a lot of advantages, including easy to use, the convenience of using it at your place, and its increased efficiency. The ability to assign the desired sizes of the French fries is one of the top reasons that have made it one of the tops sold kitchen devices globally.

    French fry cutter is generally a very safe tool to use. This factor makes it a significant option that allows children to have an opportunity to help you during the cooking process. With the increased demand for the machine, through the article is detailed information on how to use potato slicer for French fries.

    Things You Need To Note Before Using the Machine

    The number one thing you need to note is the couple of steel cutting blades the machine comes with. The blades give the user the option to choose the best blades to use at every given time. It is through the blades that you can be in a position to make the sizes of slices you need. To operate the machine, all you need is to insert your potato on one end and push it through to the other side. It’s easy to use factor makes it a reliable device.

    While using the machine, it would be essential to understand the shapes of the blades and how they work. To increase their efficiency, they usually have holes that are designed to fit various patterns that can help make the desired sizes of your fries. There are countless models out there in the market, and therefore, it is always advisable to be sure of the exact size of blades you need for your fries.

    Other Uses of Potato Slicer

    Most of the slices machines are designed with the option for cutting your fruits and vegetables. For instance, they have been in the past used to cut carrots, green peppers, and other root veggies. This makes it a fundamental machine that can aid in the production of salads, a feature that makes it perfect for vegetarians and others who are health conscious.


    How to Use Potato Slicer for French Fries

    For effective use of the machine, ensure you wash all parts thoroughly before first use. Install the desired cutting grid and its matching pusher plate. To use the machine, you must be sure to mount the cutter onto the smooth countertop. Raise the cutter arm and place a whole or cut potato into the hopper. The potato should fit loosely. To cut the potato, press the cutter arm down using firm, constant pressure to cut.

    Other Useful Information While Using the Machine

    • Removing the cutting grid. This process can be completed by pressing the button on the top to help release the grid and slide it out from the bottom of the clutter.
    • Removing the pusher plate. This can be done by turning the plastic lever to the clockwise direction to release it.
    • Installing the machine. This can be done by pushing the plate through the metal plate and turning the plastic lever in the anticlockwise direction to unlock. This procedure is also essential while mounting the cutter to the countertop or in the cutting board.

    For safety while using the machine, it is advisable to make sure the cutter is stable and secure.

    Final Thoughts

    While looking for a French fries cutter, it is always advisable to look for a quality and reliable machine. Most advisable, always look for a model that will be easy to operate and one with a small weight. More to this, if you decide to invest in a French fry cutter, it is always important to look for one with the best price in the market.

    You will also be required to determine the specific task you are getting the machine for. If all you need is a simple machine to chop potatoes for your fries, then there will be no need to go for something too expensive.