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How Value Q Deals Can Benefit Your Exercise Regime and Body Health

    If you have been keeping up with medical reports and general health news, you probably have the idea that regular exercise is not only good for your heart but general health as well. However, if for any reason you are like the vast majority of people, that alone is not enough reason to motivate you to exercise regularly.


    According to recent statistics, close to 20% of people around the globe actively exercise for about 150 minutes on a weekly basis. While these numbers gather for people of middle age, the elderly as well as teens have been left out, with a total of 80.2% reporting not to indulge in any form of physical exercise. 


    While these numbers spell bad news to many health and fitness experts, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that it’s crucial for you to exercise at any age, even while pregnant. According to experts, exercise is considered as medicine, and for the benefits that come with it, there is no actual pill that can come close to what exercise can do to your body. 


    So, what are you waiting for? While some people may complain that they need gym equipment to work out different parts of their bodies, this is not the case. A simple walk around the block or running across the park can do the trick just fine. 


    Even so, you can always check out value q deals for amazing discounts on many products including gym equipment. Read along how regularly putting your body to motion can benefit you in the long run. 


    Exercise is Important For Your Brain Health


    It goes without saying that the brain is an important part of the body. Not only does your coordinate different body functions, but it is also an important organ for cognitive functions.


    While doing general body exercise, you will also be exercising your brain. With a healthy brain, you will have minimal depression, quick learning abilities, and better longterm memory. Additionally, research indicates that exercising is as of now the best way to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.


    Exercise Makes You Age Slower


    Recent research indicates that exercise tends to lengthen an individual’s lifespan for about five years. Even better, the research goes further to show that exercise goes a long way in slowing down the aging process of the cells. 


    Basically, as you get older, your cells tend to divide at an increased rate. While this is happening, your telomeres always tend to get shorter each time. With exercise, the molecules surrounding the telomers will be made stronger, thus preventing your cells from quickly dividing. With less cell division taking place in your body, there will be a decreased rate of cell death, thus ensuring that you remain younger for longer. 


    Your Skin Will Look Better


    While exercising your body, blood tends to flow to different parts of the body, including your skin. While this is happening, more oxygen and vital nutrients will be delivered to your skin making the wound healing process faster. 


    As the largest organ on the body, the skin plays a number of roles. One of the most important roles is that it acts as a release point for heat from the body.


    Basically, when you indulge your body in physical exercise, your body muscles tend to generate a great deal of heat. With such an amount of heat, you will have to dispose of it to the environment, one way or another, in order to keep your body temperature at bay.


    Once the heat is generated by the muscles, it is transported by your blood to your skin, then it can be disposed of your body system. 


    Exercise Can Help You Beat Chronic Illnesses


    Contrary to common belief, people with chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart failure can still exercise. For decades, people with these diseases that require palliative care have been advised not to do any form of exercise. 


    However, scientists today recommend that not only healthy individuals but people with life-threatening conditions should exercise too. So, in for a patient suffering from these diseases, exercise plays an integral role in ensuring that they attain full recovery.