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Ideal Protein Alternative

    ideal protein alternatives

    ideal protein alternatives

    Dieting can be tough on anyone, but especially on people who need to lose a significant amount of weight. Counting calories, gym memberships and regular weigh-ins are the proven ways to combat those pesky pounds. Read on to learn about Ideal Protein Alternative.

    However, another method has been taking the world by storm recently. Of course, we are talking about the Ideal Protein Diet.

    A rather expensive program, Ideal Protein Diet provides the necessary results. It works because it provides two services at the same time.

    The first one is the weight loss, which is almost guaranteed because the diet plan is healthy. The second one is the lifestyle education. By choosing Ideal Protein Protocol, you will be gaining a valuable skill, not just burning calories.

    Still, it is not that budget friendly. Every Ideal Protein meal costs about $4 or $5. This means you would be spending about $90 a week just in Phase 1. That is an absolutely crazy amount of money not many of us can afford.

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    Hence, If you are struggling and you really cannot find the money for this diet, then it is time to discover Ideal Protein Alternative. Let’s see what that is and how you can choose the right Ideal Protein Alternative.

    What is Ideal Protein

    Ideal Protein Diet is a medically researched weight loss program that promises you will get rid of the excess weight the healthy way.

    Its goal is to get your blood sugar under control and to stabilize your weight. A carefully designed program, Ideal Protein foods are low in carbohydrates. And, while it restricts fat as well, this diet combats weight issues with protein-based products.

    There are four phases of this diet. Phase 1 includes three Ideal Protein meals and you also get to have one regular meal. During phases 2 to 4, you slowly reduce the amount of Ideal Protein meals and rely more on home cooking.

    However, even though this diet is fantastic for weight loss, there are many reasons why users try to find an Ideal Protein Alternative.

    Why use Ideal Protein Alternative

    Food is expensive as it is, but protein can really hit your wallet hard. It is pretty simple.

    All the food that have high amounts of protein are pricey. If you add the Ideal Protein service to that, you will be spending a lot more money than you have planned.

    This is why many choose Ideal Protein Alternative – foods from other brands. They are cheaper in the long run and you also have more choices.

    Of course, at some point, during phase 4 and afterwards, you will start eating regular food. However, in the meantime, there are many great food options out there that can serve as an Ideal Protein Alternative. And the weight will be coming off, making this a sort of a win-win situation.

    Still, because Ideal Protein is so effective, many decide to keep following the diet. The trick is to exchange the prepackaged meals with Ideal Protein Alternative as much as you can.

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    How to choose the right Ideal Protein Alternative

    ideal protein alternatives

    Choosing Ideal Protein Alternative foods can be a challenge for many dieters out there. But, fear not.

    There are some guidelines that you can follow in order to make the transition to Ideal Protein Alternative easier.

    Here are our best tips and tricks:

    • Aim for 12 or more grams of protein per meal. Because protein helps you lose weight, you should get more than 10 grams per serving. That way you will see the results in no time.
    • Be careful when it comes to calories. Each meal should not have more than 160 calories.
    • Because you only have one restricted alternative per day, aim for less carbs. For weight loss, 8 net carbs or less should be just fine.
    • Even though fat is not the enemy, you should consume about 30% or less per day.
    • Avoid aspartame. Regularly check the ingredients on the back of the products because aspartame can lead to weight gain.

    With a bit of research and trial and error, you will find the best Ideal Protein Alternative for you. Meanwhile, you can check out these brands and see if you like some of their foods.

    Users find that Proto-Diet and Proto-Thin have great Ideal Protein Alternative foods. You can also try Syntrax, Quest and Health Smart.


    Whether you can afford Ideal Protein Diet or you are in need of Ideal Protein Alternative foods, it is nice to know there are options.

    You don’t have to limit yourself to the meals Ideal Protein has to offer, so make sure to do the research.

    Before long, you will discover many Ideal Protein Alternatives that will also help you get that perfect slender body you know you deserve.

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    ideal protein alternatives