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Importance of Medically Assisted Detox

    Medically assisted detox is being administered effectively on drug addicts who simply want an easy and effective way out of their bad addiction and habits. Medically assisted detox is a comprehensive process which requires a good deal of expenditure. However, there are ways in which you get medically assisted detox using insurance. Here is all you need to know about medically assisted detox and its importance”

    What is a medically assisted Detox?

    Medically assisted detox is a complete process in which a drug addict is weaned from its drug usage by detoxifying its bodily fluids of any addictive substances. Medically assisted detox helps in withdrawing a patient from specific drugs by removing that particular substance from his body altogether. Contrary to the common types of detox, a medically supervised detox is more effective and easier than a traditional one.

    Importance of medically assisted detox:

    Withdrawing from an addictive substance is a highly challenging process and It can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. From mild headaches to severe nausea, all of these symptoms are a part of drug withdrawal in patients. Medically assisted detox has the main advantage of alleviation of withdrawal symptoms by administering substitute drugs such as methadone and suboxone. Apart from the administration of substitution drugs, medically supervised detox has the following importance:

    Constant supervision:

    Weaned drug addicts require constant expert supervision. There are fairly high chances for patients to relapse even after getting a fluid detoxification. Medically supervised detox helps in constant supervision of patients and ensures that everything is managed in safe limits without any trouble. Constant expert supervision not only provides a feeling of security for the patients but also helps in preventing any chances of relapse.

    Instant availability of medical assistance:

    We all know that getting clear from drug abuse is an extremely challenging thing to do. Even if the patients have strong willpower to get rid of drug addiction, their physical aspects are bound to make them weak and susceptible to drug usage once again. Medically supervised detox provides instant availability of medical assistance to those patients which are facing trouble with pulling themselves together during the period of detoxification.  

    Alleviation of withdrawal symptoms:

    Substitution drugs such as methadone and suboxone are given to the patients in order to help them in getting rid of their bad habits. These drugs help in alleviating symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizziness, and lack of personal control etc. Medically supervised detox provides alleviation from withdrawal symptoms in this manner.

    Better chances for success:

    Since medically supervised detox is all about professional care and elimination of substance abuse from one’s life, it provides better chances for success than traditional detoxification methods. The professionals ensure that the detoxification process is completed correctly so that the patients can benefit from its lasting advantages.

    Expert support:

    Medically assisted detox is a perfect combination of expert help and support for drug addicts who want to start a fresh life. The doctors present in a detox facility keep the patients emotionally consoled and mentally motivated to get rid of substance abuse from life.