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Important Features You Need to Check While Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor 

    Healthcare monitoring is becoming so convenient that we don’t need a physician to check our blood glucose level, blood pressure or heart rate. Smartwatches and portable monitoring devices for homes can serve the purpose very well. There was a time when people have to visit a physician regularly for a blood pressure check-up. It consumes a lot of time and money to book appointments. The modern blood pressure monitor devices are so simplified that even a first time user can get accurate readings. If you aur someone in your family who is facing the issue of high and low blood pressure, an accurate instrument for monitoring should be there. As a beginner, it is quite difficult to find a device that suits your daily needs. Therefore, we are here with some useful tips to help in buying the best quality monitoring device feasible for domestic purposes. 

    Important features to check in a blood pressure monitoring device


    1. Portable size

    A blood pressure monitoring device for domestic use should be portable in size. However, don’t compromise with the features because ultra small size portable blood pressure monitor devices will give you inaccurate readings. According to the age of the patient, you can choose between three different sizes including adult small, adult average and adult large. These sizes vary on the basis of circumference. 

    1. Accuracy

    A bp wizard blood pressure monitor is useless if it is not giving you accurate readings. In order to be sure about its accuracy, take three consecutive tests after the interval of around 60 seconds. If the difference will be more than 10 points every time, consider it an inaccurate device. 

    1. Easily operable functions

    Make sure that the device you are buying for blood pressure monitoring is handy for all types of users. Least possible buttons with easy to understand controls are necessary. Read their manual carefully for understanding the operational functions. 

    1. Choose a digital monitor

    A digital blood pressure monitor would be a better option as compared to aneroid device for domestic use. Aneroid devices are equipped with a bulb to squeeze for measuring blood pressure on the analogue metre. Digital metres are easy to understand even for the beginners. 

    1. Arm monitoring

    On the basis of functioning, electronic blood pressure monitor devices are available in two types of models i.e. 

    1. Arm monitoring
    2. Wrist monitoring


    We prefer aam monitoring devices because they give the most accurate readings. Wrist monitoring devices are not positioned at the heart level. This is the reason by we get inaccurate results. However, make sure that the arm monitoring device you are buying is coming in a portable design because many models of this mechanism have chunky dimensions. 


    Don’t trust any kind of smartphone app for monitoring your blood pressure. Even the most expensive smartphones with the best quality sensors cannot give you accurate readings. Always trust IOS certified devices only and check the manufacturer details carefully.