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Improve Your Health With These 3 Tips


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    With all the technological advances we have today, death is still one of the mysteries that hasn’t been unlocked. There is still no one way of making your body age better or not age at all. As the old adage goes, “health is wealth”. Certainly, it should now be commonplace for just about everyone to be at their optimal physical health.


    But the world is still plagued with diseases and maladies, and for relatively healthy people, most are one infection away from being driven to the hospital. For aging citizens of the world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to age gracefully and maintain normal bodily functions at the same time. So what gives?


    The rise of smartphone use has been linked to many psychological diseases as well as sleep abnormalities. While smartphones are usually heralded for their contribution in instant communication, it’s excessive use has been directly linked to some health concerns, one of which is depression.


    To improve physical and mental health in the younger crowd, it should be noted that one needs to have a holistic approach to make things work. A one-sided affair won’t cut it, where you’ll improve one part of your daily activities hoping to affect the whole system – no, the holistic approach doesn’t work like that. It’s improving the whole, the entirety.

    Learn to properly process ANTS.

    ANTS or automatic negative thoughts are the triggers to some of the rapidly-arising mental health conditions to youth and young adults nowadays, like anxiety and depression. In order to stave off these conditions, identifying an ANT is crucial. Once you are flooded with a particularly depressing or anxiety-inducing feeling, write it down to identify it as a trigger.


    Doing so will empower you by knowing what exactly it is that triggered your reaction. Once you identify the culprit/s, assess how you can nip it in the bud, or make a comprehensive action method to stop it the next time. It’s also beneficial if you note the time of the day that you’ve experienced it get some men’s watches (smartwatch, if you ask us), to streamline everything.

    Eat better, not less.

    We are what we eat. And our health and body is the reflection of what we ingest. Eating healthy is the name of the game when it comes to maintaining prime bodily functions, so make sure you eat better, not less. All diets are fads, and it can only be helpful within a short amount of time. The basic rule of eating better: more color in your plate and less sugar.


    Go for the leaner meats every time, and if you can’t avoid it, eat just a portion of red meats weekly. Always insists on seeing and eating green on your plates, as organic B-vitamins from food sources are better than the chelated ones in tablets. If you can avoid sodas and sugary drinks, good for you, but if you can’t, learn to limit your intake at least twice a week.

    Sleep like its an Olympic sport.

    There is still no definitive scientific reason why we sleep, but all the tests and experiments conclude that sleep is a vital part of keeping the body healthy. While it is widely recommended to have at least 8 hours of sleep every day, it’s actually deep, REM sleep that we need to be aiming at.


    Sleep quality is one of the most important parts of the sleep cycle. If you aren’t getting quality sleep – the one that makes you feel energized when you wake up – then, it’s high time that you review your sleeping patterns. The first step is to sleep at the same time every night, without the affectations of bright blue light (read: phone screens) a few minutes before tucking in.


    As much as everyone wants it, immortality is still unachievable for humans. Our technological advancements still aren’t enough that it can enable us to curtail death. But what we do have is enriching the quality of life that we have today, and that’s only possible if you have a tip-top mind in a healthy body.