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Interesting Facts No One Tells You About Tattoo Removal

    Do you have a tattoo that you aren’t proud of? You can always remove it. Even though there is plenty of information about tattoos, you may always know what to expect during tattoo removal. What should you do if you no longer love your tattoos? There is very little discussion about this. The following are a few facts to keep in mind before visiting a Metro Area med spa for tattoo removal. 

    1. Seek Professional Help

    Do not get tattoo removal from anyone who isn’t licensed. Even though there are plenty of medical spas where you can find tattoo services, some of them may not be appropriate. Do your research and find the right med spa. 

    1. Prepare for Needles

    Do not assume that your tattoo removal appointment will be a swift laser moment. The process can be long and it involves needles. Your aesthetician will inject lidocaine into the area during the procedure. 

    1. It’s a Lengthy Procedure

    It may be a few months before you complete the procedure. Your tattoo won’t go away after a single laser treatment. Every time it is lasered, particles from your tattoo break down and they are absorbed by your digestive system. Basically, laser tattoo removal speeds up your tattoo’s aging process. You need a few sessions before completing the procedure. Some tattoos may vanish faster than others. 

    1. The Tattoo Could Get Darker Before Fading

    Even though it may sound strange, tattoos sometimes get darker during the removal process. Do not worry if your tattoo appears to be getting darker. It is a part of the process that results from lasers impacting your skin tissues and layers. Laser treatment may cause light bruising which could make your tattoo look darker than it is. 

    1. Expect Some Pain Afterwards

    The pain and discomfort of tattoo removal do not end when you leave the med spa. Prepare for some discomfort for about a week after completing the procedure. Keep the site covered for a few days. 

    1. It Isn’t Always Necessary

    If you aren’t certain about taking your tattoo off completely, lightening it may be a good idea. Consider lightening the unwanted tattoo and covering it up with something that you like or you can also use White-Out Technique.

    1. Your Skin Won’t Be Perfect

    Do not expect your skin to look great right after tattoo removal. It is likely to look scarred. You may have a few white patches. However, you should not experience serious skin conditions. 

    1. The Location of Your Tattoo Determines Its Healing Time

    The healing process relies a lot on the circulation of blood. Blood flow facilitates the elimination of broken-down pigments. If the tattoo is in an area with good circulation, it is likely to heal fast. Tattoos on hands and feet take a long time to fade and heal. 


    Tattoos have always been used to keep the memory of important experiences, express personal beliefs, and as art. However, you don’t need to put up with a tattoo that you regret forever. With the right aesthetician, you can have it removed.