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Is CBD oil effective in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis?

    CBD or Cannabidiol is the second most abundant compound in the cannabis plant and is known for its wide therapeutic benefits. Since it is non-psychoactive and non-addictive, it is one of the most popular wellness products on the market for treating depression, anxiety, sleep, pain, muscle fatigue, and seizures. It can be particularly helpful as an alternative treatment for Multiple Sclerosis since symptoms include pain, tiredness, and inflammation, which CBD Oil can effectively manage.


    How can CBD oil help treat Multiple Sclerosis?

    Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. It is a difficult disease to treat and does not affect patients in the same way. As a result, conventional medicine is sometimes inefficient, so CBD oil may be a viable treatment option. Although the exact way CBD oil can help treat Multiple Sclerosis is still unknown, researchers believe that CBD attaches to specific receptors in the central nervous system to ease inflammation and help with immune responses.


    What does research have to say about CBD oil and Multiple Sclerosis?

    Although research on CBD oil’s effectiveness in treating Multiple Sclerosis is limited and is still ongoing, some studies show the effectiveness of CBD, in general, in treating it. 

    • A systematic review published by the American Academic Journal of Neurology concerning the efficacy and safety of medical marijuana in selected neurologic disorders identified that oral cannabis extract containing CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was effective in reducing muscle spasticity and central pain or pain spasms in patients with Multiple Sclerosis. 
    • A study concerning the effect of cannabis-based medicine on pain in Multiple Sclerosis found that cannabis-based medicine that included a 1:1 ratio mixture of CBD and THC effectively reduced pain and sleep disturbance in people with Multiple Sclerosis. 
    • A systematic review concerning the efficacy and effectiveness of a THC-CBD oromucosal spray in managing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis identified that the THC-CBD spray effectively managed spasticity symptoms in people with Multiple Sclerosis. 

    A 2018 study concerning CBD’s effect in improving mobility in People with Multiple Sclerosis found that CBD is proven by multiple studies to reduce fatigue, pain, inflammation, and depression; therefore, CBD oil can potentially help treat Multiple Sclerosis. 

    Approved CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis

    Due to scientific evidence of CBD oil helping to treat Multiple Sclerosis, a pharmaceutical-grade oil called Sativex was developed. 


    Are there risk factors in taking CBD oil for Multiple Sclerosis?

    No, there are no risks associated with taking CBD for Multiple Sclerosis by the NHS or World Health Organization (WHO). Since CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, it does not have a known overdose limit. Moreover, it is also non-addictive.  


    Final thoughts

    Many people with Multiple Sclerosis look for alternative treatment because conventional medicine does not always work. CBD oil is a good option to try if you have Multiple Sclerosis because multiple studies have proven its wide range of health benefits. It is not associated with any health risks, so there is no harm in trying CBD oil to see if it works for you.