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Is Drinking Alcohol in Moderation Healthy?

    About 15 million people in the United States have a drinking problem known as Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD. This disorder is when a person is unable to control their desire for alcohol. 

    While millions of people abuse alcohol, there are some that stick to drinking alcohol in moderation to avoid any dependence. But what does drinking alcohol in moderation look like, and is it healthy for some people?

    In this article, you’ll learn more about a safe level of alcohol consumption. 

    What Does Alcohol in Moderation Mean?

    Doctors and experts agree that drinking too much leads to health problems and addiction. However, drinking in moderation may be fine for some people, but what does that mean? 

    In moderation means within a reasonable limit, and not excessive. Although, everyone views moderation differently. Generally speaking, the consensus is no more than two drinks a day for men and only one for women.

    Here is a short summary of how much alcohol is in one drink:

    • 12-ounce Beer: 5% alcohol
    • 8-ounces of malt liquor: 7% alcohol
    • 1.5 ounces of spirits: 40% alcohol
    • 5 ounces of wine: 12% alcohol

    Men and women actually metabolize alcohol differently. Because women’s bodies are typically smaller, have less water, and have a lower count of alcohol dehydrogenase alcohol stays in the body longer doing more damage. Alcohol dehydrogenase is a chemical present in the liver that helps break down alcohol. 

    Benefits of Drinking Alcohol in Moderation

    Drinking alcohol may be good for you! But that doesn’t mean it’s more of a good thing, nor does it give you a license to drink more. Alcohol can only be good in moderation. 

    Here are some possible health benefits of drinking in moderation:

    • Lower the risk of strokes
    • May lower the risk of depression
    • Red wine and vodka may protect the heart and the brain

    While the health benefits of drinking alcohol are notable, what’s important is remembering and understanding that too much is harmful. Sticking to moderation is always the best idea and starting to drink simply because it may be healthy is not a good reason. 

    What Drinks Should You Have?

    Any alcoholic drink that appeals to you is fine as long as it’s within the boundaries of moderation guidelines. 

    Beer, spirits, liquor, and wine are popular choices. You can even craft your own cocktails from the cocktail shop in the comfort of your own home. 

    Should Everyone Drink Alcohol?

    Just because alcohol in moderation may be healthy for you, that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. There are some people who should avoid drinking alcohol altogether:

    • Pregnant women or wanting to become pregnant, or breastfeeding
    • People on certain medications because alcohol can counteract with medication
    • Those who are under the legal drinking age
    • People who are recovering from an alcohol disorder

    If you’re unsure if you’re healthy enough for drinking alcohol, talk to your doctor. 

    Drink Alcohol in Moderation

    Drinking alcohol in moderation is recommended, and may be healthy, but going over the limit may lead to greater health problems. Always drink responsibly!

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