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Is It Good To Get A Mammogram Screening? 

    Doctor is working with mammography X-ray scanner in hospital

    Women after their early thirties should get a mammogram done annually as it is highly beneficial. The procedure helps detect abnormalities in the breast tissue at early stages where it is quickly and completely curable. The procedure involves using loose dose x rays in order to minimize radiation exposure. 

    Mammography screening clinic Boise has shown significant improvements in diagnosing breast cancer early. Breast cancer was undetectable until symptoms set it, but with the advancements in science and technologies, a deadly disease is not completely curable. 

    Why should you get mammography done? 

    If you have entered your early thirties or late twenties, you should get mammography done once or twice a year. Most of the cases of breast cancer are reported in this age interval. Moreover, mammography offers several advantages, which are as follows:

    1. The procedure involves compression. 

    The breast is placed on the mammography unit and compressed using a paddle. The compression evens out the thickness of the breast tissue and helps identify abnormalities that could hide under the overlying breast tissue. Moreover, compression also holds the breast to avoid motion and avoids scattering of x-rays providing a sharp image. 

    1. The procedure helps detect minute masses of the tumor. 

    The smaller the tumor size, the easier the treatment is. A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stages and having small tumor masses has a wide range of treatment options. Whereas a woman diagnosed with cancer in later stages may require surgery to get rid of the tumor. 

    1. Helps in detecting ductal carcinoma in situ. 

    Ductal carcinoma in situ is tumors growth in the milk ducts of the breast tissue. Mammography also helps in identifying these abnormal growths. 

    1. Minimal radiation exposure. 

    As mentioned earlier, mammography uses low-dose x-ray radiations, so no radiation stays inside the body. Moreover, the radiation exposure is minimal and causes no harm or complications. 

    1. Cost-effective and easily accessible. 

    The procedure is quick, simple, and cost-effective. You can get mammography done in any nearby hospital. 

    What side effects can I expect? 

    Mammography has minimal side effects. The patient may expect some pain during compression, but it is entirely bearable. Possible side effects have been mentioned below: 

    1. Excessive radiation exposure. 

    If the dosage of radiation exposure has been miscalculated or malfunctioning of the x-ray machine can lead to excessive exposure to radiation. Moreover, the patient may develop cancer in some cases due to excessive radiation exposure. 

    1. False-positive mammogram. 

    To be 100% sure about the presence of a tumor in breast tissue, a woman has to undergo follow-up procedures like biopsies or additional imaging to confirm the diagnosis. In 15-30% of cases, a mammogram positive for breast cancer has no abnormal findings in biopsies.