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Is it true that An Old Mattress Affect Your Sleep?

    It is interesting how most people do not consider mattresses as a crucial thing to consider in leading a healthy lifestyle, while it can do more than leave you tossing and turning throughout the night. Everyone is deserving of a good night’s sleep, but not everyone gets it. A lot of this has to do with the comfort level in our bedrooms, more specifically, with the mattress we use. 

    Ideally, in buying a mattress, not everyone is keen with the specifics, and therefore, you may not know for sure that your bed is of the right fit. As the years go by, any mattress will require to be upgraded for better service. While there is no precise number to how long you should use a mattress, if you are not enjoying a deep rest in your bed, then it could be time to replace your mattress. To understand this, know how an old mattress affects your sleep:

    Poor body posture

    Body posture is paramount to a beautiful life. With the wrong sitting or lying surface, you compromise your posture a great deal. When it comes to sleeping, your body has a certain angle that works great to allow for the natural curve of your spinal cord. An old mattress has definitely had a lot to give, which means that it is saggy in the middle. This situation encourages unhealthy sleeping positions that are not supportive of the body’s natural curve. 

    Technically, a good bed should comfortably maintain its shape no matter how much weight is put on it, within reason. However, with time, any mattress will tend to give, so much that the center of the bed or the places where lots of weight is placed, starts to dip down. The wrong posture is something you do not want to carry on for too long, lest you experience other complications.

    Back pains

    If you did not start with a good quality mattress, then for sure, you have to deal with back pain, not to mention, joint pains. Usually, the “Medium-Firm” label on mattresses is a subjective label, because there is no standardized definition of what makes a mattress soft and what makes a mattress firm. 

    When a mattress is too soft, then the old version will be way too uncomfortable, especially on the areas that support too much weight, and this goes back to the poor body posture situation. On the other hand, if the new version was too firm, then it means an old version could still be too hard a surface to be lying on. All these are reasons that could cause you substantial back pain, and sleeping on such a mattress year after year can make the back pains severe. A comfy organic mattress is one of the best ways to improve your sleep.

    Dust Mites

    Mattresses are the hiding spot for dust mites. Ideally, beds are a conducive spot for dust mites, which is why it should not surprise you that a new mattress harbors dust mites. However, over time, as your dead skin builds up on the mattress, the dust mites increase in population. For most of the world’s population, dust mites do not have a direct effect. To some, however, they are allergen triggers. You may be allergic to your mattress, which means your sleep will not be as restful and peaceful as it should be. Instead of the sneezing, twisting and turning, how about replacing your mattress?

    Hygiene reasons

    Most human beings are guilty of bringing work, food, and pleasure to bed. This means that your mattress is not wholly reserved for sleep. With that comes the baggage of dirt from various areas. Food crumbs, dust particles, sweat, snout, saliva, tears, to mention a few, are all things that dirty bed. Since you do not get to wash your mattress like you do your sheets and covers, then your mattress might be the nastiest thing you have at home. No wonder you keep sneezing and scratching your body every night.