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Is it Wise to Get Red Light Therapy at Tanning Salons?

    Red light therapies are pretty common at the gym, dermatology office, and also at tanning salons. 

    However, tanning can severely damage the outside of your skin, while RLT (Red  Light Therapy) can focus on the healing process of your skin. 

    The red light sessions at salons might be costly as they can range from $25 to even $100 each session. 

    So, is it wise to get red light therapy at tanning salons? – Maybe not. So, in this section of the article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of red light therapy and also go through the reasons why you should take home devices instead of light therapy devices at the salon. 

    How Can Light Therapy Benefit You? 

    There are many pieces of evidence that show how light therapy can benefit users in many different ways. It’s considered to be pretty useful in many ways, especially if you are consistent with the use of this device. 

    Here, in this section, you’ll look at some of the amazing benefits that you can acquire from using these therapy devices. 

    1. Wrinkles

    Over time, exposure to the sun might have a harmful effect on our skin. UV light degrades the elastin and collagen fibers that result in fine lines and wrinkles. 

    UV damage demands a significant jump in collagen production and this is where you are suggested to use red light therapy.

    This increases ATP and can boost collagen formation and help decrease the appearance of aging skin.

    1. Skin Tone

    As the skin starts to age and collagen degrades, the texture and tone of the skin can become harsh. Numerous studies have demonstrated that red light therapy helps smooth out these flaws. 

    1. Stretch Marks: 

    Extremely frequent and resulting from a range of circumstances including pregnancy, weight gain, and even genetics, all these can cause stretch marks. However, regular use of red light therapy can help you erase these unwanted stretch marks.

    Although a red light tanning bed can produce a golden tan and darker skin which can be an indication of skin damage — which can be severe and long-lasting. indoor tanning bed use results in wrinkles, skin firmness loss, and also age spots.

    If you’re committed to tanning, it’s prudent to add PBM sessions into your skin rejuvenation regimen.

    1. Muscle recovery 

    Intensive workouts generate microtears in muscles; as the body repairs them, the muscles become stronger. 

    While this is a natural process, it can be uncomfortable if inflammation occurs, resulting in persistently inflamed muscles and joints, such as Iliotibial band syndrome.

    In athletes, RLT has been demonstrated to alleviate muscle discomfort and increase muscle recovery and blood circulation. 

    Various studies discovered that the athletes who took RLT treatments were able to perform more reps. 

    The researchers even found that RLT has the potential to delay the development of muscular weariness and exhaustion.

    1. Fibromyalgia 

    Oxidative stress can also be the primary cause of fibromyalgia, a condition marked by musculoskeletal pain, exhaustion, and difficulties with sleep, memory, and mood that affects around 4 million Americans.  

    Experts discovered that most of the patients treated with RLT for fibromyalgia saw considerable improvement in symptoms. 

    In short, the red light treatment affects both the inside and outside of the body and gives plenty of benefits, including assistance for radiant skin and overall wellness.

    Red Light Therapy at the Salon: Why it’s not a Good Idea?

    Once you’ve been convinced of the benefits of red light therapy, the next inquiry might be how much do these rlt sessions cost at a tanning salon red light therapy cost at a tanning salon.

    Usually, red light therapy costs around $30 to even $100 each session. 

    Spending an average of $50 on each session might not be an ideal choice for your financial outlay. 

    Another essential factor to consider is that rlt (red light therapy) sessions are a long-term commitment. 

    Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain continuous sessions if you want to notice improvements in your overall appearance. 

    And if you want to implement red light therapy as a post-workout muscle healing treatment, then you have to take it every day after your workout sessions. 

    A red light therapy device used in a salon, which will most likely cover the entire body for around $50 per session. 

    So, if you make a rough calculation then seven salon appointments, you’ll have spent enough money to purchase an in-home rlt device for yourself. 

    It’s crucial to realize that rlt sessions are a long-term procedure and investment. So taking these sessions once in a while will not provide you with any kind of benefits. 

    Therefore, if you are looking to have effective and noticeable changes within you, then it’s better to purchase a device rather than go for sessions in a tanning salon. 

    Bottom Line

    Red light therapy can help you in many ways. Moreover, if you want to save a considerable amount of money, then it’s highly recommended to purchase an at-home device, where you take the sessions regularly without worrying about the salon cost. 

    However, before you purchase any of these devices, make sure to take advice from an expert as they can help you choose the best device for your problem.