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Is Microdosing the New Future of Cannabis?

    According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 62% of Americans Support the legalization of cannabis. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of people are curious about cannabis- however, many do not know how to begin or how to choose products that are both THC or CBD safe to incorporate into a normal lifestyle and still be effective.


    There is a flood of information about cannabis available on the internet; how to use it, when to use it and how to incorporate it (gently) into one’s lifestyle. Many people that are curious about trying cannabis are not looking for an overwhelming experience, rather; they are looking for a way to incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle in a healthy way. This is why there is a steadily rising trend in microdosing. The past few years have seen this steady rise in the popularity of microdosing, and low dose edibles in particular.

    According to BDS Analytics, almost half of those consuming edibles prefer low-dose edibles (edibles with minimal dosages used throughout the day). Furthermore, Managing Director of the Consumer Insights division, Linda Gilbert, says that this is partly due to the consumer market leaning towards a more mindful way of consuming cannabis.

    In a statement to Civilized.Life, Gilbert says that people are not necessarily looking for inebriation. Rather, consumers are looking for a way to treat anxiety or pain.

    Furthermore, Gilbert states that people using microdosing are seeking a way to avoid the ‘dysfunctional experience’ that is sometimes associated with larger cannabis intake. Gilbert went on to add that microdosing is proving to be especially popular among women.

    Microdosing: What is it?

    Microdosing is the act of ingesting small amounts of high concentrates, or regular amounts of low potency, cannabis product. The purpose is to experience the therapeutic benefits without experiencing the ‘high’. For example, introducing the body to small doses of THC can assist with pain relief, sleep promotion, mood improvement, increased creativity, as well as a treatment for depression, anxiety or stress. Many people who are trying cannabis for the first time find microdosing to be a good way to introduce cannabis into their system. Also, this method may be used to manage symptoms as well as gently increase your cannabis tolerance.

    Microdosing: How much is a typical microdose?

    While the following will provide some guidelines on how to microdose with CBD safe and effective, there are no official guidelines- mainly because every person has a unique Endocannabinoid System. In order for you, as a consumer, to correctly dose with cannabis, whether it is safe CBD, safe THC or full spectrum CBD, you need to pay attention to how your body responds to the dosages. In other words, be mindful of your cannabis experience as this is the only way you will know whether or not to increase the dosage or leave it as is.

    Usually, a microdose is anywhere between 2 – 5mg. however, for people that have a higher tolerance for cannabis, it can be up to 10mg.

    Doses are easy to measure using tinctures, dose-controlled vape pens, and edibles.

    Ingest the same amount of cannabis twice daily, morning and evening. Keep the dosage routine for approximately 4 days and assess how your body is responding to the cannabis. If you feel ‘high’ or any effects that seem unpleasant to you, then reduce the dosage. Again, the dosage amount and the frequency it is taken throughout the course of the day will vary between individuals.

    Whether or not microdosing is the future of cannabis seems to be irrelevant- rather, the question should be whether or not mindful cannabis consumption is the future of cannabis. This is illustrated by Linda Gilbert, MD of Consumer Insights for BDS Analytics, in her statements to Civilized.Life. As public perception around cannabis begins to focus on cannabis products and CBD safe products that are more conducive to a healthy lifestyle, the more appropriate trend that could shape the future of cannabis is that of mindful marijuana consumption.


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