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Is Oasys 90 Pack Contact Lenses The Right One For You?

    Wearing eyeglasses full time can be annoying. Especially when you need to go to a swimming pool or even wear regular sunglasses. You can go inside the water with them, but you also don’t feel safe without them.


    A lot of the people who need vision correction become anxious when they can’t find their glasses. It is a bad feeling not to be able to see clearly. On the other hand, you can’t relax and watch a movie. You need to continually lie on your back to keep them straight on.


    Well, for all those who are tired of glasses and are not quite ready to go under surgery, contact lenses offer the perfect solution! They are practical and comfortable.


    Nowadays, you have so many options that are hard to choose from. Whether you get the ones with color or basic, it is really up to you. In 2019, light-adaptive contact lenses were presented in the market. Not only that, they can also be embedded with medicine and antibiotics.


    The technology is so over the top that even people who don’t have vision problems use it as a fashion accessory. Well, why wouldn’t they? They are comfortable and barely noticeable. Follow the link to find more about contact lenses


    Getting familiar with contact lenses 

    You will have to make a couple of choices when you decide to switch from glasses to contact lenses.


    First, there are the soft ones. They are thin and are in the market since the 1970s. Because of their gel-like component, they are called hydrogels. Their popularity is due to their high level of comfort when in contact with the eye.


    Silicone contacts are an advanced type of hydrogel, and they offer a more breathable option for the eye. These are the most used and purchased lenses in the United States. Even a better solution as they are gas permeable contacts that allow the oxygen to go right through them. 


    Hybrid lenses are a combination of soft and silicone contacts. And the last ones on the list are PMMA lenses that offer excellent optics, but they don’t allow air to get to the eye’s cornea.


    Your choice among all these kinds of lenses should be made strictly by your comfort level. They are priced differently, and they have different features.


    Maybe you will be better at wearing gas lenses due to their breathability, or maybe your eye will feel more comfortable with PMMA. Nevertheless, contact your doctor and consult them about which is the better choice.


    So, how do I choose?

    Well, firstly, you will need to see what is your vision problem and consult a doctor. They will decide if you have problems like farsightedness, astigmatism, or nearsightedness. Read more here.


    Then you will have to try a couple of types to make sure they feel good on your eyes. You will need time to get used to putting something in the eye. Some people feel a little discomfort at first, but practice makes it perfect.


    The choices mentioned above are not the only ones. There are many more features you can look for—lenses for dry eyes, contacts in color, custom contacts, etc.


    Search the internet, consult your doctor, and go shopping!


    How long can you wear them? 

    Today there are several choices to go through depending on the brand and the type of contacts. If you are more comfortable wearing them every night, you should get the ones for daily wear. If you are one of those people who don’t want to have tired eyes on a busy day, you definitely need a 1-day Acuvue Oasys Hydraluxe 90 pack.


    If you feel you don’t want to bother every night with that, some lenses can be worn for a week consecutively without removing. Those are the extended wear.


    And of course, there are lenses called continuous wear for the busiest and the laziest ones. They can be worn up to 30 days without removing. They can be safely disinfected and reused. 


    There are different types of lenses and hence different extended wears for each one of them. In the distant past, everyone who wore contacts was obligated to take them out every night and put them on every morning. Nowadays, technology has come a long way and offers great solutions to each problem.