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Is SizeGenetics Worth It?


    Living in a world where social media has taken over, it can be difficult to accept ourselves just the way we are. We are constantly seeing other people who are more beautiful, much better built, and who are living greater lifestyles than we could ever hope for. 

    More often than not we compare ourselves to other’s physical appearance. Women love to look at other women’s breasts to compare shape and size. So much emphasis is put on size – as if it’s a direct reflection of being sexy, appealing, and beautiful. In the same way, men compare penis size. 

    Even though we want to fight against the fact that bigger breasts and a bigger penis make us feel more attractive – it’s just part of human nature. To increase self-confidence, sexual performance, and self-esteem men from all over the globe are turning to penis size enhancers. 

    Is spending a few dollars on a SizeGenetics device actually worth it? or will you be wasting your money? Let’s have a closer look. 

    What is SizeGenetics? 

    There are many devices that promise to help elongate and widen a guy’s penis. Ranging from penis pumps, vacuums, and natural medication. Using a few different parts like straps, pads, elongation bars, and belts one can gradually increase the size of a penis. 

    This device should be worn consistently for a few months in order for it to work effectively. It’s like a gentle and gradual stretch that allows the penis to grow. 

    For more information on what it is, read review to find out how it works and what parts are included.  


    Does it Really Work?

    If you are going to walk around with a device strapped to your genitals throughout the day, you want to know that it’s actually worth it, right? Well, many penis enlargement methods claim to work its magic on men with small to average sized shafts. It has been said that after using these devices penis sizes will increase gradually. 

    Let’s look at the facts for a few different techniques:


    Vacuum devices

    Also known as a penis pump or vacuum pump, this device is a tubular shaped object in which a penis is placed. Once the user starts pumping, air creates a vacuum that pulls blood into the shaft, resulting in it to expand and swell. 

    The result isn’t always long lasting and users have reported it to be extremely painful. 



    Anything can be fixed with surgery. When a man wants to be turned into a woman, he can, and vice versa. Why not enlarge your genitalia through surgical methods? Known as penile augmentation, many men allow surgeons to inject fat cells to increase width, length, and girth of their manhood. 

    Although there are many risks involved like distortion and swelling, many men still opt for this intense surgery. This is very painful and also not long-lasting, as the added width and girth can lose volume over 12 months after the surgery. 


    Traction devices

    Penile tissue is stretched out by using an extension frame. The device should be placed on a non-erected penis on which it will gently pull to lengthen. Studies have proven that the traction device like SizeGenetics, are the only method that has been continuously proven to work. 

    Some users have reported a growth of as much as 3 centimeters when the device is worn between 4-6 hours each day.

    Learn more about different devices here:  

    Why Should I Consider SizeGenetics?

    There are many different reasons why you should choose a traction device over pills, pumps, and vacuums. Here are a few: 


    Added Length

    When you wear the device a few hours a day for a long period of time, you’ll see actual results. Your penis will extend in length giving you a real boost in confidence. 



    Surgeries, vacuums, and uncertified medication can be dangerous to your overall health. Some of these methods have even caused men to lose their penises, resulting in an extreme loss of manhood. Traction devices don’t pose any danger to the user. It can be worn whenever. At the very least, users will experience a bit of penile sensitivity and pain. 


    Harder Erection

    Because traction devices increase the growth of tissue on the shaft it increases blood flow. An increase in blood flow means a stronger and harder erection. For men who have been struggling with erectile dysfunction or even just getting it up – this kind of device is definitely worth a try.


    Enhanced Libido

    For older gentlemen, sex drives aren’t as strong and urgent as they used to be. To carry around a larger penis than used to will enhance a libido in no time. This kind of device has proven to enhance sensitivity to not only increase pleasure levels, but also libido. 



    Just like there are different types and shapes of breasts and vaginas, men have different shaped penises too. The shape of their manhood can have a drastic effect on their confidence and performance in the bedroom. Luckily, this kind of device can help lengthen and straighten a penis that is overly bended or curved.


    Investing in a penis enlargement device is a great investment towards your future. It’s normal to be a bit skeptical and to ask whether it truly is worth it. With a device that holds no disadvantages or risks, it’s definitely worth a try to see the results for yourself.