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Is smoking a hookah healthier than normal cigarettes?

    There are a lot of people out there under the impression that smoking a hookah is a lot healthier than using regular cigarettes – and to a point, that may be the case.

    Part of the allure of smoking out of a hookah is its exotic configuration, its unique aesthetics, and the almost always ornate design that makes smoking tobacco out of it a lot more experiential than simply popping open a carton of cigarettes and taking a drag.

    We are in an interesting time in human history right now when it comes to smoking. Cigarettes have been around almost forever (or at least it feels that way), but for one reason or another people are now trending towards more futuristic smoking solutions – like vaporizers – or leaning as far back into the past as possible by enjoying a hookah.

    Hookahs are still holding strong

    Invented in India in the middle of the 15th century, hookahs have been popular in the Middle East ever since they first became available but in recent years their popularity has spread all over the world and today they are as popular (if not even more popular) than they ever used to be in the past.

    Industry estimates suggest that more than 100 million people worldwide are smoking with a hookah these days – but unfortunately many of them are doing so under the impression that it is a risk free and consequence free alternative to smoking cigarettes.

    It turns out that that isn’t exactly the case.

    Hookahs can be “healthier” than smoking cigarettes, but only if used sporadically

    Yes, it’s true that smoking a hookah can be a lot healthier than smoking cigarettes – but that’s only true if you are indulging with your hookah infrequently and every now and again, rather than smoking it every day (or multiple times each day) the way you might with a pack of cigarettes.

    If you plan on using your hookah as part of a celebratory kind of session, or only expect to use it every now and then, it’s definitely going to be a lot healthier than a pack a day or more habit. But if you’re going to be using your hookah just as often as you would smoke a cigarette or a pack of cigarettes, you’re going to be in for just as many health risks and potential dangers no matter what.

    According to researchers, the same delivery of toxic chemicals occurs whether you’re smoking cigarettes or a hookah – but it’s the ratios that are different, which makes a hookah figure if it’s only used occasionally.