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Is Smoking Weed Okay?

    Understand some body science before you start smoking weed. Here is the answer to your question is smoking weed ok or not?

    This question has always been the subject of several studies and scientific researches and all the people doing such researches have different opinions about the effects of smoking marijuana. Some say it does not affect the brain and on the other side some say it affects the public issue and it harms the body just like other drugs. Some studies state that weed is just like some other drugs and it can be as addictive as alcohol, tobacco, and cocaine and some say it is not addictive at all, people can get rid of smoking pot on the very next day.

    Well, there always be different perceptions of the thing that has not been properly studied yet.  Since the legalization of marijuana is being performed since last decade so, it has not given proper time, in which a reliable study can be done and we can know the real effects of weed smoking on a human body. The developed countries like Canada, The US, Australia, and many more have already decriminalized weed in their regions. Even there is a rapid growth in an online dispensary in Canada where you can buy weed online in Canada and other states of it. The decriminalization has allowed cultivators to be more innovative and they are proving some seriously amazing products like Shatter, budget buds, death bubba strain, and many more. But our question is still the same is it okay to smoke weed? Let’s find out.

    It is true that this human mechanism is the most sophisticated chemical factory planet so if you know how to manage this well you can produce what you in the body, you don’t need to smoke cannabis or drink alcohol. There was an Israeli scientist named prof. Raphael Mechoulam, he was doing research on cannabis and its impact on the neurological system. In about 4 and half years, he came up with the conclusion and he said there are millions of cannabis receptors in our brain but why? So he threw this information to all kinds of scientific disciplines to find out why in the human brain there are millions of cannabis receptors, many funny things happened around the world in this context then the neurologists came up with the result which said the brain is expecting that you will produce cannabis within the system. It is not expecting you to smoke, it’s expecting you produce that so that it becomes a mood equalizer for you all the time.

    But satirically, most human beings have become inefficient chemical factories or they have just lousy CEOs managing a great factory so they start smoking from outside, it not a moral issue in the world everybody does that. But the thing is, there are substantial studies which are being put down by those a few activists who want to promote it, there are substantial studies to show that certain dimensions of your brain, particularly about decision making are sufficiently suppressed if you smoke weed for 30 days, this will last for 4-5 years and your decision power is clearly affected.

    Some also suggest that most of the successful people in the world have smoked weed marijuana at some point in their life and they have made a good life with positive decisions, for example, Steve Jobs. A study found that marijuana put you and your mind is calm, and in calm, you will take any decision very thoroughly. But the main thing is why one should be stoned when you can make peace with the real world.

    People are tending towards these drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and steroid in Canada, but the question is whether it will enhance your life or suppress your life. You should not become a human being less than what you could be. You must maximize this size because all you have in this life is how intense and profound your experience of life that’s all there is. And if half the time you are dazed out, you will miss that possibility.