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Is Your Body Showing These 5 Signs of Premature Aging? This Is How to Reverse It

    Our bodies communicate to us every time but, unfortunately, we often ignore these signs. Still, this does not eliminate the fact that our wellness is dependent on how well we respond to these clues. One of the most precise ways of body communication is how it showcases chronological and biological changes as we age.

    Normal biological aging

    As the years go by, it is only healthy for your body to age. While there is no definite form that your body must take, normal biological aging dictates that your body should age healthily. For example, a 30- or 40-year old won’t have the same skin tone or wrinkles as an 80-year old. If this happens, it is a case of premature aging.

    What is premature aging and is it reversible?

    Early or premature aging refers to showing signs of old age when still young. In general, these signs do not have to be extreme. Instead, they should go against the biological and chronological aging of your skin.

    The good news about noticing the signs of premature aging is that they can be reversed. Medically, if you want to reduce the appearance of these signs, you should seek halo laser treatment near me. This non-surgical procedure is approved by dermatologists for everyone who wants to regain their youthful glow and look. It is a hybrid treatment that offers fast results and works without further damage to the skin.

    The five common signs of premature aging

    The most common clues that point to early aging are:

    • Skin that is wrinkled and sagging. We all have to accept that our skin will gradually form wrinkles as we age. However, noticing wrinkles that are more extensive than your peers should be a call for alarm. This is often accompanied by having dried-out and sagging skin.
    • Rapid changes in your skin tone and texture. If you notice abrupt changes in your skin texture or tone, there is a problem inside your body. While these changes are part of healthy aging, they must not be rapid.
    • Eyes that have become reddish. Our eyes are more than the windows to the soul, as they also make known the state of our bodies. If you have chronically red eyes, it’s time to evaluate your state of health. It also shows significant levels of premature aging that should be addressed.
    • A constant feeling of being stressed. When your body fails to age normally, it manifests through the feeling of being stressed out. The stress will not only be visible on your face and skin but in your entire body.
    • Significant loss of volume around your face. If your eyelids become droopy or you notice a drooping of fatty deposits around the eyes, your body is aging prematurely.

    Since premature aging is a sign of serious health problems, you need more than a medical procedure to resolve the problem. A lifestyle change is highly advisable if you want long-term results. Primarily, this should begin by focusing on your diet by eating more whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. You should also regularly exercise, avoid smoking, and drink less alcohol. Avoiding direct exposure to the sun and harsh environmental conditions will also do a lot of good. Finally, pay extra attention to the skincare products you use, and cleanse your skin regularly.