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It’s Not a Dispensary, It’s a Provisioning Center!

    In the past few years, medical marijuana has become an inherent part of thousands of individuals in Michigan. If you go by the reports, one in nine people uses cannabis at least one time in a month. Surprisingly, there is a 60% increase in the use of marijuana in the state of Michigan. More than 3% of the Michiganders hold a medical marijuana card. And the revenue alone from the sale of medical cannabis is around $7 million every year. 


    But that’s not all! Did you know that the people of Michigan spell “Marijuana” as “Marihuana”? Not only that, the dispensaries are given the name “Provisioning centers.” 


    But what led to such a change? Let’s find out.


    Marihuana- Decoding The Difference


    If you are a regular person or even a media organization, you can call it by any other name. There is no restriction over that. But if you own a medical cannabis shop, you can by no way identify yourself as a “dispensary, pharmacy, or a drugstore.” There could be legal implications of doing that. Of course, no one wants that! Right? 


    So, what’s the term? We already told you that before, remember? It’s provisioning center as per the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Plus, if you are selling marihuana, you can’t use any other term but this. So, keep that in mind always.


    But who came up with the term initially? 


    Well! The Michigan Public Health Code introduced the term and restricted everyone in the industry to use otherwise. In other words, the Michigan Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act, Public Act 281 of 2016 introduced the term of marijuana dispensaries as “Provisioning center.” So, it does not matter whether you have Dispensaries in Muskegon, Antrim, or Sanilac County. You have to give it the name as assigned under the law. 


    This did not even change when the MMFLA changed into MMMA in various aspects. So, you might have a chance to name it something else under the MMMA. But if you want to sell marihuana in Michigan to medical patients or caregivers legally, you must get licensed as a provisioning center. Therefore, if patients want to manage their condition, make sure to buy from such legal centers only for the best flower, concentrates, cartridges, and more.


    But hold on! Only that is not enough to run a provisioning center in Michigan. This is what customers expect you to have for a wonderful buying experience.


    • You must have a parking lot that’s clean and well-tended, along with a secure space where customers love to visit without worrying about anything else.
    • Install cameras or security guards, as mentioned by MMFLA guidelines.  
    • Your facility must create a safe environment that’s a unique blend of casual and careful. 
    • Make sure to have products with required third-party testing and certifications. Also, ensure that all these documents are easily accessible to customers as well. Further, they must be properly labeled. 


    Once you have all this ready, you can start selling marihuana in the state of Michigan easily without any legal implications. 


    In The End,


    When it comes to marijuana, or marihuana, as the people of Michigan call it, the only thing you must ensure is that you buy high-quality products only from a licensed dealer. And if you are using it for managing your condition, make sure to consult the doctor first.