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Jefferson’s Spine – what can relieve your pain?


    A human body consists of 206 bones and the body goes through enormous pain even if we get a stiff neck or neck cramps. Imagine the pain felt by someone who got hit on the skull and got a fracture in the neck. The pain, the breakage, inability to move your neck is the beginning of Jefferson’s spine. The fracture of the C1 vertebra from front and back arches is known as Jefferson’s Spine. C1 vertebra is located at top of the cervical spine and this allows the head to rotate. The fracture named after the British neurologist and neurosurgeon Sir Geoffrey Jefferson can be the result of a diving accident or any axial load on the back.


    What does a patient feel?

    Pain in the upper neck is the common complaint of the person suffering from burst fracture.

    If the patient is having problems breathing and walking, then this can be a sign of spinal cord damage. Painkillers, Anti-inflammatory tubes will not help patients when they will cry from inflexibility and intense pain.


    What will Doctors and X-ray say?

    Depending upon your history of injury, the doctor will make a treatment plan as sometimes osteoporosis can also lead to Jefferson fracture. The first query will be solved after X-ray and CT Scan as they will identify the complexity of the fracture. Disrupted transverse ligament or unsteady C1 vertebra will take the patient to the bed for surgery. A neck brace can heal a less severe fracture. Vertebral artery injuries are also assessed and further steps are taken.


    After surgery and pain killers

    The elementary action you need to take is to follow the instructions of your doctor. Wear the collar or neck brace completely for 6-8 weeks even if it doesn’t coordinate with your dress. The only aspect of the treatment which is tough is the enslavement of Painkillers. Painkillers just mend the pain and not the actual issue. From pain to actual movement, what a patient needs is a process that will rebuild and rehabilitate the patient. Physiotherapy and Chiropractic therapy can do wonders for your injury and bones as experts Jefferson Spine and Injury Center suggests that a chiropractor can heal where painkillers can not reach. They work on the principle of force applied by hand or some instrument on spinal joints. With magic and experience in their hands, they can free your body from the pain and improve its functioning.


    Take Care of Yourself

    If you are diagnosed with a burst fracture then don’t push your body against its will. Don’t act like a soldier and start lifting, pushing, or pulling things. Do not give jerks to your head and don’t even think about driving for a while. Care, patience, and nutrition will heal the injury sooner than ever.


    To sum up, the fracture which is the outcome of an accident, disease, or overload demands proper nourishment and treatment of patients. The surgeries, medical appliances, and colorful tablets will do their task but for inner healing of bones and muscles, one needs special aids like physiotherapy and chiropractic therapy. Surgery will align your bones but what will make you walk again is – Chiropractic therapy. The most important points you should not miss is let it heal and don’t force your body.