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Just How Successful Is Laser Spine Surgery?

    Suffering from a back problem or injury can really restrict your everyday life due to the fact we use our back muscles for pretty much every movement of our body.


    Luckily most back injuries can be solved without the need for any kind of surgery but for those more acute problems, laser spine surgery could be the answer. 


    Although your doctor will only recommend any kind of surgery as a last option, should you be told that surgery is needed then laser spine surgery could be the way to go.


    The Success Rate

    There is never any guarantee with any type of surgery that it will be successful so always bear that in mind before undergoing any treatment.


    Most people who undergo laser spine surgery should notice a difference in pain relief almost straight away and should be able to walk away pain free right after surgery. It can take a lot longer for the patient to recover from surgery itself though.


    Laser spine surgery has a much better chance of success compared to traditional surgery with the added bonus of a much quicker recovery time. 


    The Risks Involved

    Although there are always risks with any type of surgery, there are much less risks involved in laser spine surgery compared to more traditional surgery methods.


    Because laser spine surgery is much less invasive and compared to other methods you are a lot less likely to have any complications.


    Although risks are small, the most likely complications can include chronic pain, bleeding, blood clots and infection, but the chances of any of these happening are very low. Finding yourself a good doctor such as dr. Joshua S. Rovner is key to minimising any risks.


    What Is The Recovery Time?

    Although recovery time can vary widely due to the patient’s injury and general health it is much quicker than normal standard spinal surgery. 


    As it is less invasive you shouldn’t need to stay in hospital for as long to recover from the procedure.


    It is important that after the surgery you let your body heal properly and in its own time. These things can’t be rushed, and if you push yourself too hard too quickly you are more likely to have issues and not recover properly.


    After Care

    As well as resting your back after surgery you will need to slowly start using the muscle groups again, to stop them from becoming too stiff and causing you over issues. Your doctor should give you a time scale on the recovery time after the operation and on how long you should rest and when you should start using the muscles around the back again.


    A good idea might be to have some physio work done after a few weeks of recovering from the surgery. They can advise and show you simple exercises and stretches to help strengthen for the muscles in your back after surgery.

    They should also advise you on what you should and shouldn’t be doing during your recovery time. Always seek out the best and clearest advice to help you recover much quicker.


    How Long Will The Procedure Take?

    This really depends on the type of spine injury you have but it is likely to take anywhere between two hours to six hours.As technology is improving all the time, quicker procedures are likely to happen in the future.


    Questions To Ask Your Doctor

    Before any type of surgery you should fully understand how the procedure is going to take place and the pros and cons as well as the ricks that they involve. Some questions you may want to ask could be:


    Will fusion be involved?

    What alternative options are there?

    How long will the recovery time be?

    How long will the procedure take?

    What does the operation entail?

    How experienced is the surgeon?


    Do not be afraid to ask questions and find out as much information as you possibly can. If you are unhappy with any of the answers then you could always seek a second opinion.


    To Sum Up

    Should you be advised that you need laser spinal surgery for your back injury then it is likely all other methods have been tried and been unsuccessful.


    Although there are risks involved and no guarantees that laser spinal surgery will fix your problem, the success rate is quite high so is worth the risk to try and help you with your back problem.


    Always seek the best medical advice before going ahead with any type of surgery and do your own research.