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Keep Covered: 5 Proven Reasons Why Wearing a Mask is Important

    Do masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus?

    We’ve all heard the case for both sides of the argument. Some people claim that masks will prevent the spread of COVID-19 while some claim they do nothing and can even be harmful.

    In a world full of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories, you need to know exactly what masks can do for you and those around you.

    Here are five reasons why wearing a mask is a good idea in the time of the coronavirus.

    1. Keeps Droplets In

    When we talk, cough, or sneeze, droplets exit our mouth and nose. If we’ve been infected with the coronavirus, these droplets contain the virus and can infect other people. 

    A mask will help keep these droplets from traveling more than a couple of feet from ourselves. Masks are effective at containing the virus especially when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

    1. Keeps Droplets Out

    If you come into contact with someone who is asymptomatic, but they’re wearing a mask, your chances of getting the coronavirus are reduced significantly.

    Though masks aren’t as effective as keeping droplets out as they are at keeping them in, masks still act as a barrier that can protect you from someone else’s droplets.

    1. Adds a Layer of Protection

    When going out in public, you’ll often see signs containing health advice reminding you to abide by social distancing rules. However, sometimes it’s hard to maintain a minimum of six feet between yourself and another person. That’s why masks are so important.

    When we find ourselves within six feet of another person, the best thing keeping both people safe is a mask that prevents droplets from spreading.

    1. The Drawbacks Are Minimal

    There are a lot of false claims circulating that masks do more harm than good and can cause long-term damage to your body. Among them is the claim that wearing a mask regularly can cause “mask mouth” which can lead to serious dental problems.

    Mask mouth is the buildup of bacteria in your mouth due to dehydration because you may be breathing through your mouth and not drinking enough water while you wear your mask.

    However, if you make sure you’re staying hydrated and practicing proper oral hygiene, your gums, teeth, and Dental Implants will be fine.

    1. Shows That You Care

    When you wear a mask, you are showing those around you that you care for their well-being. You wouldn’t like to become infected with the coronavirus, so wearing a mask shows that you understand others don’t want to either.

    The elderly and immunocompromised are having an especially hard time right now, so wearing a mask proves that you recognize their struggle and want to do your part in preventing the spread and keeping them safe.

    Wearing a Mask to Stay Safe

    The sooner we adhere to the social distancing guidelines and wear masks, the sooner the pandemic will be over. Now that you know why wearing a mask is beneficial for yourself and others, it’s time to put one to good use!

    Be sure to check back regularly for more tips on remaining healthy!